Through Myra's Eyes

Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Happy Mail

 I was excited to receive two beautiful cards in the month of March.
I was lucky to get any since I really didn't do to good at writing in this month.
This card was sent from DonnaSue who recycle it from her friend Bonnie.
I know it's strange to have someone recycle your cards but, I get to enjoy what Bonnie makes too,  I guess that way DonnaSue keeps her house clean. 
I love love this card from Su.
I love how she isn't worried about cutting into a paper pack and making something so beautiful.
I love this paper, the shapes, the gold and all of the colors.

If you want to send me a card and I will show it next month you can send it to:
Myra H
P.O. Box 3471
Cerritos, CA 90703
See you in the mail. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

When a granddaughter turns 6

My sweet granddaughter turned six yesterday.  So, I thought it would be fun to send her six cards with each card having a dollar bill in each one!
The inside of this card said....A birdie told me you are having a birthday.
I stamped the bird like it was flying away with the cup cake, then popped it up with foam squares. 
This one was super simple.
These are all stickers on an already made card base. I know I cheated.
But, it still turned out cute. 
This isn't my favorite one but it has alot of card making elements. Those three banners, a punched out message, cut out from pattern paper and those 6 rhinestones. I also went around it with a gel pen and made it look like it has been stitched. 
This one took some time. I stamped all of the cup cakes and then colored them with different color pencils.
I like this one, it turned out cute. 
It's a twist card. Its really easy to make once you score it right and fold it so it lines up.  The cup cake and candle came on a page to color...simple. 
After I colored them all, it was time to cut them all by one.
It was fun.

I must have forgotten to take a picture of one of the cards.  It was red. It had candles on it.

She lives states away from me and it takes anywhere from four days to ten days to get a card.  So her last one didn't make it on time. But, she love the dollars bills! I'm sure she told everyone about all of her cards.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Something small to start back with

I hadn't noticed that it's been so long since I stopped by and showed some of my cards.
In truth, I put it away for a while and now I'm back at it.
I made this little card for someone at work, along with some cup cakes that she chose not to share and said she would take them home to her kids.
This was a super simple card.  I colored the flower with my new color pencils and punched out the HB.
I'm back.
I missed this blog!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Two more to do

My ATC circle of friends is getting bigger.  Someone must have giving out my address.
I got this from Germany. 
I wasn't sure what to do with it so, I went for it.
I thought a tag would be cute so that is what I went with. 
This one I pulled out many different things and came up with a camera.
It looked like a family trip and with every vacation, you must have a camera. 
I think it turned out cute.
I don't think I went to over the top.
Now I just have to get it in the mail.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Since I've been gone

 Hello, I'm back.
I took a little blogging vacation I guess, but I found that I really miss talking to the air.
I've decided even if I have no one who follows me, I'm still going to blog.
One of my bright idea's was to take the treadmill out of storage and remove the sofa I find myself glued too and start walking again. My house is small and now that I'm working I really need to get rid of these extra pounds I received while unemployed.
I found this cross stitch in my crafting box and decided to start back with this project.
I have the bottom pumpkin done.
I have found that my eyes get tired quicker than they use too. Age! 
I have always carved a pumpkin and living in the ghetto doesn't bring many kids to my door on Halloween, I still have the want to carve.
I really didn't know where I was going when I started this but, it turned out in a cute way. 
 I'm back slowly with pen pals. I really miss my friends in the mail.  They always make me laugh and smile.

I voted by mail so I really don't know if my vote was even counted but, I did it any ways.
Now people are mad that Trump will soon be the man.
I don't understand why these crazy people think walking on the freeways with signs is going to get him to change his mind not to take the job.  I say, let the man do it and realize that it won't always go his way because there are people in a cabinet that will tell him how it all works. 
My daughter turned 24 on Sept.24 and she has moved to another state. Since we wouldn't be spending time on her birthday I decided to send her 24 birthday cards.  It wasn't easy and it took 6 days to receive them. She got a few of them late but, her kids thought it was fun to get that much mail. Even the mail man thought it was fun. 
I won these cards on a wordpress blog. She asked, Who do you need to send a card too? I said my friend Emma and Emma commented "cute cards". So I answered the question and she didn't so, I won.
I now can't say I have never won anything.
They are all so pretty I really don't want to send them out. 
I'm back doing ATC JAM's.  
I'm really behind at them.  I keep finding them in different boxes of craft things.
I am starting to clean out some of my craft stuff and not look so homeless.

This about sum's it up for me.
I'm going to start doing card challenges again.  I found one that looks like fun and they all have blogspot blogs so I'm going to get back into the card thing. 
Hope you have a great weekend and make something fun today.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Paper bag album

I have a friend who loves to make things on her blog so we decided to make a paper bag album and see if others will make one too.
Here is the start of mine. 
I went with brown, not sure why! 
The paper bag is the middle part of this album.
You make a top flap and a bottom flap with card stock and attach it to the side of the bag where it has those two flaps.
Its all over youtube so you can go there and see what I'm talking about. 
This is the inside and I made tags to go into the opening of the bag, see the left side is the opening of the bag and the right side is the bottom of the bag.
I put love on the back of the tag to keep with the live love laugh theme. 
 Now all I need to do is put pictures in it an make it fun.
Since my oldest daughters birthday is coming up I might send it to her.  But, then I do have a bonus daughter who is having a birthday this month too so she just might get it for all of her fun stuff...I miss that girl.
This is the front cover. It needs some personality that's for sure.
This is the start of my paper bag album.
Hope you try to make one too.

Friday, September 2, 2016


That's the number of page views I have had on this blog!
Shocking to say the most.
Since I have no followers.  And nobody leaves me a message ever, how is it that people stop by and see what I have put on this blog?
I found another blog so I have been playing on that one over at word press.  I have 63 people from all over the world who leave me comments and silly things that make me laugh every day.
Why do I come back here?
Well, I guess I like to talk to my self and see if others stumble by to hear me talk.
Happy Labor Day to you, all 4567 of you.
I had my first child on a very hot Labor Day 28 years ago.  A day I will never forget. A child who I have broken my back for, went to bat for him even when he was wrong, and will still love him just as much today as I did the first time I saw him.  He has broken my heart many times in the past few years but, I will never give up on him. My Mother always said, "don't have kids, all they ever do is break your heart".  She was right about that but, maybe I have broken their hearts along the way too.
Thanks for listening and making 4567 reasons to stop by.