Through Myra's Eyes

Thursday, March 23, 2017

When a granddaughter turns 6

My sweet granddaughter turned six yesterday.  So, I thought it would be fun to send her six cards with each card having a dollar bill in each one!
The inside of this card said....A birdie told me you are having a birthday.
I stamped the bird like it was flying away with the cup cake, then popped it up with foam squares. 
This one was super simple.
These are all stickers on an already made card base. I know I cheated.
But, it still turned out cute. 
This isn't my favorite one but it has alot of card making elements. Those three banners, a punched out message, cut out from pattern paper and those 6 rhinestones. I also went around it with a gel pen and made it look like it has been stitched. 
This one took some time. I stamped all of the cup cakes and then colored them with different color pencils.
I like this one, it turned out cute. 
It's a twist card. Its really easy to make once you score it right and fold it so it lines up.  The cup cake and candle came on a page to color...simple. 
After I colored them all, it was time to cut them all by one.
It was fun.

I must have forgotten to take a picture of one of the cards.  It was red. It had candles on it.

She lives states away from me and it takes anywhere from four days to ten days to get a card.  So her last one didn't make it on time. But, she love the dollars bills! I'm sure she told everyone about all of her cards.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Something small to start back with

I hadn't noticed that it's been so long since I stopped by and showed some of my cards.
In truth, I put it away for a while and now I'm back at it.
I made this little card for someone at work, along with some cup cakes that she chose not to share and said she would take them home to her kids.
This was a super simple card.  I colored the flower with my new color pencils and punched out the HB.
I'm back.
I missed this blog!