Through Myra's Eyes

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My mail box got a gift

So excited!!My friend Sylvia in KY sent me a letter and a book marker, so excited
I miss her so much. She has been busy too.
She writes the best letters, always love to here what she is up too. 
She has a "Gracie" who is her Great Dane and she has birthday parties for her, so fun.
She also make some beautiful cards.
My favorite song..Some where over the rainbow way up high, there's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Some where over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
She uses paint chips to make cute!
She made a bunch of these in different colors for a luncheon she had for her group.

When I read her letter I started to cry, I realized how much I miss my friends in the mail.

Looks like work is going to give me some over time and I'm going to take it! Gotta send these sidekicks I have to college so they won't have to work in a fab plant.
I am doing good at cleaning and getting ready to end this month with a clean house.
I haven't done to good on my May challenge..but, didn't we expect me to fail anyways.
There is always the month of June to continue my journey.
Next month is always a good month for is out, nights are good to ride my bike and I get to blow out some more candles!!
Hope you are having a good week.  Until next time....Hugs!!  My

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy May 26

So many neighbors with their flags out today. It makes the street look so pretty.

It's a beautiful sunny day here. A great day to go for a bike ride and put on the sun screen!

So happy to have a day off.  I'm looking at things to start to do and then changing my mind.  Once I get the breakfast dishes done I'm going to polish my nails and then sit and drink a cold cup of tea and enjoy the moment.

Hope you have a great day off..that's if you live in the USA.
I'm going to enjoy the day and hope you do too.
I found a new blog to read.  This lady is like me trying to lose a few lbs. SO I left her a little note to say I know what your going through. I also told her my story on how I had to change gas stations because everytime I go to get gas and smell the goodness of fresh doughnuts I had to go get one and it was killing my goals!  Everyone has a weight lose story and I have a few more then I like to admit too.

Have a great day.  Until next time....Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finger's crossed..Save the Board

I am on a mission to get Special K's surf board fixed!!
Last month on April 30 I wrote how hot it was here and took a pic of Baby girl with Special K surf board in our living room.  This board needs some help and some repair.  It's really parked up against the refrig, but its like being in the living
I know this month I am suppose to do for me but to see him back on a wave with this board would really make me happy.  I have been saving the bottles & cans from work and I think I have enough cash to get it fixed. Then we could ride to the beach on my birthday and I can watch him surf!! Love that summer birthday.
I found on line Lance Collins who I hope made this board, the shop is in Costa Mesa, CA..maybe off the 405 or not to far from me.  
SO brave me called and got a answering machine and told my story.
I want to surprise my son by getting this board fixed, and left my number.
You know me it took gut's to make this call.  He probably thinks I'm some little kid, cuz when I'm nervous you know I get that to young high pitch voice going on, that makes me sound like I'm working on half of a brain.
I'm so excited..I can't wait to hear from him.
Special K got this board a few years ago from a friend who needed some help moving and saw the board and said "hey, you can't get rid if that", I think his friend was just in a hard way and needed to get rid of things. He also got his pocket bikes and well, I'm not fixing those..they will have to sit. Mom has to draw a line.
I think what I want too is to see how old this board is. Boards mean so much to those who surf, when he rode it at Huntington Beach when he first started surfing, guys would ask him where he got it and if he wanted to sale it. Not for sale, I can hear him saying that.

Finger's crossed...on a mission to save the board.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Shhhh, there's a mouse in my cup

Look what I found!!
I love these house mouse stamps.
I just had to have it and at 40% it!
I also got  the stamp "just a note"..that will be fun to have in my box of stamps.

I tried different colors with this cute face.
I really like the purple better and I thought I could punch out some flowers and put on the cup like 3D.

I have many ideas, now I just need to make it happen.

Let's find a great idea and send some of these cards off to goes...see you next time!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

She's off to PROM!

Such a beautiful girl and better if the picture was 

It's all about the dress!
Thanks to David Bridal.
It's all about the hair.

Love this comb.
Hair done by Mom! 
It's all bout the ear rings.

So pretty. 
It's all about the shoes.

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohls.

It's all about the flowers.

They did a great job. 
 These are her favorite color.
I missed taking a picture of his, they were amazing too.
They look like brother & sister but, they have been friends from the day they met at band camp.
He looks like his mom and is a mama's that! She looks like me and I love her sooo much.

Can't wait for them to comment on this picture during their class reunion.  
Love this picture.  He wasn't sure how to put these beautiful flowers on her wrist. Such a boy. 
Her very best friend from next door..Sunny Boy.
She went over to show his family her dress.
These are her dates family.  So she said good bye to them.  I don't know there names but I think there was one more.

Prom...priceless moments of  high school.  She went with the group of friends that have been together for four years..starting with band camp, color guard shows, foot ball games and the countless birthdays. Let's don't forget the car washes to make money to keep the show alive.
I am so happy I could afford to buy the dress and all that was need for this one in a life time day!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

On a Mother's Day in my world

My little happy table that makes me smile.
My daughter sent me a card, and my neighbor next door gave me a card and candles.  Can you see my fish? My roses from my garden...they always make me happy.
We went out to my favorite hamburger place on a good burger and we went shopping for a few needed things, always so nice to find tax return cash in your account!!!
I have had a relaxing day just around home with the ones I love the most.

I hope you had a great day too!!

I said I was going to do things for myself this month and I have done a few things.
1. Yes I have cleaned out a few things..makes me feel better.
2.  I looked into being a bone marrow donor, sadly I found out that I'm to old..really!!
 3. I have done some good reading.
4. I went to get a extra house key and like my luck it doesn't much for going to Wallymart
I have asked ppl at work what could they suggest for me to do, and like most, they said go shopping.  I just want to do something that doesn't mean to spend money.
I think it's a bigger challenge then I thought it was going to be. but, I'm only 11 days in so I still have days to keep making it a "aMAYzing" month.
I think the best thing that has happen is...."drum roll"  I have 1016 hit's on this blog. That's  bigger then I ever to all of you...THANK YOU!
Have a great week, until I get back on here, so glad you where here! Always My

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three days into May!! Three days late on my challenge..oops!

 This little girl of mine has informed me that I am not good at "selfie's"....really, wonder why?
So with her amazing cell phone she is showing me how to do it.
Well my sweet little girl this month is for me..yes I am going to do things just for me.
After paying the cell phone bill that keeps you happy I will be doing for me so, here goes.
I can't believe I am trying this challenge.
If you know me, my life is all about my kids.  I will forever do with out for them goes.
The worst or maybe getting better and I just haven't looked in the mirror lately, picture of me.
On May 1st, I got my hair cut in this short on one side, long on the other side cut.
I like it.  It's going to take some time to make it right but, I'm up to it this month...or so I have convinced myself it is.
My son "Special K" said, you look like a dike. How did I know that was coming. 
On May 2nd, I bought myself a fish.  I haven't named it but I'm really excited about it. My $7 fish and so worth it.
I put it in my old Princess House glass bowl that I have had sine I was about 19 yrs. old. Don't know why it has survived all of my house moves and other things that I loved more and had less time are gone.
Must name this fish something fun. 

This poor fish, I take awful pictures but when its all fanned out it's so cool.
The truth is when I don't have my reading glasses on this is how bad I see. That's the truth.

Now it's day 3..I watched the Kentucky Derby and went for #12 Dance with Fate.  Fun name but, it didn't win, and that's ok.

This morning I took Princess P to zumba class, it's not for me but it makes me happy to see her dance.

I have had two wonderful days off from work and it has been really hot but, today has been so pretty. I made egg salad sandwiches and my kids and i went next door to share with our friends. WE have the best laughs with them. For my blog I need to name them, I think I already used her name but not his.
Tomorrow is Sunday May 4th. Gotta get up early and make a card.  My mail box really misses my friends.
Where ever you are I hope today has been amazing for you.
Until tomorrow have a great May 3, always keep smiling, My