Through Myra's Eyes

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chit-chat #2

Good Bye March 2014.
  But not so happy about tomorrow.
    Have you ever disliked a date in the year?  For me that would be April 1st. A day I would like to spend alone.  A day to do things new, something that I could make a difference in my own life, so when next year comes around I could remember what I did to make it challenge me to do better this year. A day to make a happy moment really make a difference. A day to celebrate, not a day to make fun of someone or remember the sadness something can make you want to scream..Oh hell to the no.
I guess it should be a cleanse day. A day to clear your head of unhappiness, or a day of move that thought out of your world, bring in the happiness train. 
April 1st. always hits me off guard unless I'm planning something good to do. My list for tomorrow always start with putting flowers in a new flower pot and watching a new life grow. A life lost shouldn't be remembered as a sad day forever or a relationship gone to the heavens, but a new flower to comfort your healing heart. It will also be a day to take a walk to end the day with lungs full of clear air and a head full of new adventures to be learned. A day to make my own happiness and maybe share a happy thought with someone else.  
Lately, I have found myself complaining of thing that I can change but, haven't put effort into changing them. Also, haven't asked for help to make them happen either. Now that its out there that I don't ask for help like most female's, something we learned early in life from the a big girl...I'm going to work hard at asking for help getting things fixed and completed in this ship wreck I call "life".
Sometimes in life we walk quietly in someones shadow that helps us hide this trait. Moving on is a hard task but, it's possible at any point of your life.
So, April 1st here I better look out I might become someone I've always wanted to be but was held back all of my life.
I hope you have a great month of April.
Keep smiling...My

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Envelope Art is Fun

Love a artful desk!
Found this ladies blog and she does amazing envelope art and her address is on her blog so I'm not showing anything she doesn't want out there. Maybe my address is something I don't want the world to see, but my mail box hasn't had fun mail in it for a looooonnnngggg time. So maybe something will show up in it.
It's so busy I hope it makes it to her mail box. 
I love this tree stamp from Stampendous. SO, I was trying to make it the focus but the my big idea of a rainbow came into this whole thing and off I went.  I'm such a late 70's early 80"s girl forever! THen I put in my favorite vw stamp and made it look like a postage stamp in the wrong place.
On the back I stamped Thank You with my cat stamp next to it. I guess it's to say to Jean, thank you for helping me find a fun thing to do on a day full of earthquakes.
I'm going to make a card with the tree on it to say Hi and this is my hobby, & love your blog.

I think by now you know I live in Southern California and I live close to Brea, LaHabra & Fullerton, which is where the earthquakes are coming from. On Friday night we had a really bad one and one of my favorite glass picture frames hit the floor and broke. Pictures fell off the walls and the cupboard doors came open and lights blinked. Then I tried to sleep since I had to be on the freeway at 3a.m. to clock in at work at 4a.m. It's been a shaking weekend and have felt some good one's today.  I feel a little sea sick from the movement. Just happy to have a home that is still standing, along with the electricity still on.
I'm going off on my bike later to find things to take pictures of for the search for Roy G Biv..I'm looking for all things Green.
Thanks for stopping by....Make a envelope for fun...Keep stampin', My

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's a three thing

I found a challenge that had to have "three" of something. So I went with "thank you" and my favorite punch that seems to make more things then a flower.
I put a little sparkle on the end of you !!!

It's almost the end of you have everything done on your "TO DO" list that we always make for the month.  I am so close but I still have until Monday and I will need every hour to get it all done.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

She's FIVE

A little card for my friend who is going to a birthday party on Saturday.
I first started this card with half of the dots, then turned it around and came up with this.
I think it turned out great.
Those late night cards always turn out better.  The plus's made before my friend needs it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Don't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter today.
 Always love to find a great phrase to help you get happy on any day of the week.

Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.
I feel like this one talks to me when I'm at work trying to help a new girl who is struggling with all the unhelpful ppl I work with.  I will never understand why ppl think a new person will take their job.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.
Something I struggle with, I always think of my kids before me. I should work on this when they are all off doing something and I am home alone.  When I'm crafting, I am always happy.  This blog always makes me happy so maybe I'm on the right road and have not noticed that I've started..hahaha

You've got to think anyways might as well think BIG.
Wow, now that's something to think about!  I guess I never want to think to big because I don't really want to be noticed that much.

I hope this has giving  you something to think about.
If you have a favorite that you look at to help you move on, let me know so we can both work on it.

Have a great week, this month is going by so fast.
Remember to smile, it makes others smile back.
Until next time...HUGS, My

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday my friend Judy

Love this little purse.
Happy Birthday to my friend Judy. We have been friends for over 30 yrs., don't know what I would do with out her. She is the sweetest with the biggest giving heart.

Judy have the best birthday ever and no your eye sight isn't going, its just my very bad picture taking.  I really need to work on it!

I had the best time doing this.  I'm putting in it something special with a little bit of candy.

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's a Boy thing

Made this for a guy at work. His wife & I worked together for a while & she really didn't like me so...I'm sure this will be in the trash within an hour.
I used everything I already had so I didn't spend any cash on it, just time.
I love this page. Just have to write in the day this baby is born and put a few pictures and it's a great first page. 
This page I really used girl paper but, it still looks cute with the star for a picture frame. Also love the tag for writing something.
Great second page. 
1st. tooth page is always a must have in a album.  You try to remember the day and if you don't put it in a book it's lost for ever.
I love the blue stripe paper and the bottom has lines to write something.
Gotta love the giraffe's in a line, also from the girl paper pad. I still like how it looks on this page. 
First  step's with blue star's is a great touch I thought. Then I put a cuddle lion on the bottom.
The paper on the back side is so pretty but it didn't show up so good.
I thought this was good for the end.
I love the stars in  this album.
I made a little card for the back page, shown on the left. The ribbon is so pretty. It has silver on the edge, gives it a nice shine with the stars.
I really went into my boxes of stuff to make this cute even knowing its going in the trash.  Maybe she will regift it and someone else will enjoy it.
I realized I hadn't put my name on it, now that would have been the topper for her to burn 
This is always a fun project and it has so many fun treasure's in it.
I took a class in Upland, Ca at Stamping Fools with my daughter to learn how to make this. Way fun and now its on You

A few girls at work ask how many hours I worked on this...well, a stamper never tells that story, now do we!!!
This is my fifth one I have made..and I still struggle making it.

Happy Green St.Patrick's Day

This is about all I can think to do for this fun green day for my table.
The two castles are from Ireland, my friend went there in 1979 with the school band and brought them back for my they are mine.
Gotta love a lucky day.
Happy 53 birthday to my friend Debbie Vroom..where ever you are these days.

Hope you had a great green day!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

So missed

Three years ago today, I lost someone who was the sweetest friend to me.
We had such a fun friendship, we would sit and watch t.v. and read the newspaper and laugh about everything together.
The week before she passed away she said to me "Go find happiness".  Well, I not sure if I have found it but my life has changed so much since that day. It has been a struggle but I find myself getting better at a lot of things that where hard to make simple.
It's funny how I play all those numbers (her birth date and the day she passed) for the lottery and still haven't won..maybe my happiness isn't money!

Happy Birthday Marixa

Happy 25th Birthday to Marixa!!
My friend at work is having a big birthday on Monday, March 10th..I'm hoping she will show up for work so I can surprise her with this gift.
I put nail polish, gum and her favorite candy Twix in it.
We have been talking about all of the things I have learned how to make from Youtube, so here she now gets one.
Wonder how many of the others will be jealous they haven't gotten any thing...oh well can't make them all happy anyways.

Friday, March 7, 2014

My son's answer to my question's!

It's always nice to have your children around when you need help on the computer, but in my case, my wonderful son thought I would do better reading it to my self and I guess be, self that also called a "selfie"? that's a whole different book in it's
So if you see different things going on around here, you will know that my book is useful.  But, its also the 5th Edition.  Wonder what I missed in the first four books??   Well,  I do know there are a few things I want to add to this blog of mine.  And when I find that chapter I will get the job done and I will write about it.
Tomorrow I need to take my car in for an oil change, so I will have some time alone to read. You never know what I can get done after reading a few chapters.  I was hoping for some human help but, that's not going to happen.
Until next time....Happy Reading...Hugs,  My

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A cake for work

Made a chocolate cake for work with candy on it.
A guy at work ask if I could make a chocoalatte cake. Sure gotta love a guy who likes what you bake and who is trying to speak more English with a California accent.
This was a easy one for me.

It's Wednesday and a day to think about giving up something for 40 days!  Well, I'm not sure what I could give up that I don't already do without.  So going to try not to eat meat on Friday's. Gotta think of something I can give up, if you have any idea's for me let me know.
 Keep will make you smile!  My!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Thank You in a Jar!

Thank mean's so much.  Just two simple words can say so much in time of sadness to oh happiness. 
I had fun making this card.  
If you are a stamper, you have these stamps.
I have made many cards with this flower stamp. I have used it with so many different colors too. I have struggled with using the jar.  I have never canned of jarred anything in my life so maybe that is my
I love the paper I used with this card.
Not sure who will get this card. 

Love these stamps..can do so much and learn so much about yourself with these.
They are old but, who care's. We love vintage.
I really made this for a challenge but have decided not to put it up on their blog this time.

Until next time..Happy Stamping!
                                                                                               Keep Smiling, My

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Purse Project

Look what I made with my new envelope punch board. so excited!!
I used a 12 X 12 piece of  Printery Collection "Signature". I think I like the inside piece better, oh well there is always more paper in the bag of goodies to play with.
It wasn't that hard to make but it will take some time to make it with different paper.

Next one will have a smaller slot on the top and a different paper will make it look more like a purse then a box.
I was thinking about putting more flowers on the bottom.  I made them with my scallop punch. I punched out three flowers and put a gem in the middle. 
This wasn't how the direction went so I made my own way to give it a Myra touch.  And that's what it got along with a bad picture...hahhaha 
I need to practice on this...
1. A better flower
2. Better picture taking.

This is the inside of the purse.
I really like this project. I'm excited that I made it.
My next one will be for a birthday present for a girl at work who is turning "25" on March 10th.
Once I get the way of turning  and scoring and punching, I think I will do good at this new toy of mine!

Happy March 1st.  It rained all day here. Hope it's a great start of the month for you!
Happy Stamping to you!
Let's see what March brings to all of us.
Until then, it's always great seeing you here, 
    Always a smile, My