Through Myra's Eyes

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lottery ticket & a win

Winner, Winner! Five dollar is a good thing!
Love the red lottery ticket so I got three of them and won on the first one...yes! 
I love this drink & it's only 99cents.
I also love the can, it's so pretty.
I just wish the grocery store would stock this drink, I find it at the liquor store.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New number 1600

You have come to see what I've been doing!!
   So excited!!
One thousand six hundred looks on this blog of mine.
I can't Thank You enough.  When I started this blog "My" wonderful kids didn't think I need it...I'm so glad I didn't listen.
I have two ladies that I check their blog every time I go on this computer. One does some amazing art work and writing on envelopes called "Pushing the envelope" and the other one is a lot like me. She makes cards, bakes, & takes a walk or goes to the gym but, most of all she loves her kids!  She lives in Mars..yes that is the name of her town.
   Thank You again for stopping by, I notice & it makes me smile every time!!

Photo-A-Day in bulk

Jan.4: I hear..
This clock is at the corner (by my home) on the sidewalk next to a very busy street. I hear it alot.  But, it seem like it isn't working this week. 
This is a fun game.  I was playing with Princess P & Special K, I won three times in a row and they were to happy.  When does Mom start winning games?haha..Now that they are old enough I can start win again!! 
This is a fountain in front of my favorite Coffee Cafe.
It is next to a bust intersection, not a quiet place to drink a coffee but fun to listen to the water.
The more picture's I take of where I live, you can really see I live in the city. 
Jan.7:Currently reading
I received this card and letter in the mail from my friend Madison so I got to say I was reading her letter.
I read more magazines then books but love to read letters from friends.
Every girl needs a friend like Madison, she writes the best letters!! 
Jan.8: Landscape
I took this picture months ago, I know I cheated but I love this bird of paradise flower, its in the Walmart parking lot. 
Jan11: I see...
I bought this piece of material to make curtains for my one window in the kitchen.
Now I just need to get the sewing machine out and make them. 
Jan.10: Hello
I know I made this card during the summer but it was perfect for this day. 
Bubbles in a pot of water is all I could come up with for this theme.
I know my chairs have a pattern but I thought that would be to boring. 
This is the bank sign that glows this pretty bright blue all over the corner.
They made this bank on the corner where the oldest farm house was for many years and the city  made a plaque to tell the history of this spot.
This is an odd bank, its all ATM machines. You really have to know how to use that machine.
Jan.13:Lucky number
Mega Millions lottery was really big this day so I wrote that I need to pick the right numbers to be a millionaire...hahaha 
My beautiful daughter, Princess P, loves her ear rings.
This was my lunch box in 1970.
I don't know why I got it from my Mom's collections of old stuff but, I have it in the never used cupboard above the refrig.
This is my favorite statue on the corner across the street from the post office.
Its also on a busy street.  I just wonder how many other ppl enjoy these two bronze ladies as much as I do.  It also has water that is like a water fall on the wall behind them that also goes under their feet, it just wasn't on the day I took this picture.

I've had a lot of fun looking for these things to make this challenge happen.  Princess P gives me ideas too.
I have today and tomorrow off, lets see what I get done!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Photo a day...Me today!

I just couldn't get myself to take a picture of lazy me.  I feel like a teenager today, getting as little as possible done...even with a list!!

So I got a little crafty here!

This really is all about "ME"
1. doing a photo a day challenge
2. always have a list of things to do
3. my wanna be artist in me
4. always have lipstick
5. nail polish is another have to
6. my reading glasses..need to go to the eye doctor soon!
7. my new JawBone exercise wrist band that tracks how badly I exercise.
8. the book I am listening to on it from the library.
9.the cute pink ear plugs so nobody can here what I'm trying to learn how to do on you tube..hahahaha
This is me on my last Saturday off from work in who know how long! This vacation has been the best!

Friday, January 2, 2015

A day out for a Coffee Bean

I love this place. They always have different seasonal drinks that I always try.

So new lipstick gets in the way and we take pictures of the moments!

This little coffee shop is on a corner with lots of traffic, who wants to sit outside with the cars driving like it a freeway.
But the statue makes a good picture.

This city has many types of these fountains.
It seems like every corner has one and this is the one
in front of the coffee shop.

The gift of long will it take to get to the bottom?

I like this type of lotion, not my all time favorite flavor. So I am going to try and use the whole bottle up.
I thought it would be fun to keep checking on how much I have used.
You can see from the top it is on its way to becoming a used product.

Photo A's yellow

Yellow, its everywhere...only if you look for it!
The car with a fire hydrant was just five houses away.
The flower is everywhere, even in the planters in the middle of the road.
Then there is Taco Bell, they are everywhere here in California.
SO I choose the fire hydrant all by its self to post.
It was fun, to take a walk and take pictures.

Happy New year 2015

I made this for my Photo A Day.
Jan. 1st was Sky, since there wasn't a cloud in the sky here, and I stayed in most of the day and then when I did walk out I couldn't get a picture with the moon.
SO I just decided to make a card and I think it turned out better.
Now I sent it to my friend who is also playing along with this photo challenge.

Somehow I cant get the envelope picture to go in the right spot so here it is down below.
I love how I made the keys, so I had to take a picture of it.
My first card of the year and I sent it!!
Thats a challenge in it's self.