Through Myra's Eyes

Monday, June 27, 2016

Flower fun

I went to the farmers market on Saturday to find me some flowers to put on my birthday table.
I started finding fun glass ware to make these flowers become a work of art.
They smell so good in this tiny little place I call home.
It was a good day yesterday. I talked to three out of four kids and held one grandson, not a bad day at all.

I feel like this is the day after. I ate the wrong thing for lunch and now I wished I had just gotten drunk, it's all the same feeling.
Another 365 days till the next date changer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

America the Beautiful

It's getting close to the month of red, white and blue every where.
I found stickers in the dollar bin at Target and had and idea to make this card.
The banner is a sticker that I put on card stock and cut around it.
Open the card and here it is, Happy 4th of July,  The flag is all paper. It wasn't hard lining it up.
I made six of these cards and sent them out yesterday. 
I really wanted these cards to all have star's on them, but after finding that banner I went a different way.
I like how this card turned out..cute.
I sent this one to my God Mother, I know she will like it.
My daughter said that G-ma has all the cards I have sent her in a box. OMG that's a lot of cards.

Happy Stamping!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy First Day of Summer

 I knew it was HOT but, I didn't think it was this hot.
I had been in the house all day doing my thing.  I decided to go out to do a few things.
I pass by this marquee at the park in the next town over and couldn't believe it, this is usually August heat.
This sign gives up dates for all over the town.
Flex Alert is a California thing,
I don't think to many people in this town turned off the air condition for a Flex Alert.

First day of summer at the time most people are getting ready to hit the freeway.
It was a beautiful day, just a little hot.

Summer Reading Book #1

Have you picked your first book for summer reading yet?
I decided on this one called..."Me Before You"  by: Jojo Moyes.
It's suppose to be a tissue box needing kind of book.
I started it today as I sat with a fan on my due to it being 102 f.  today but, I fell asleep so I need to start over and try again.
Happy summer reading.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

I found this card to make from like always a You Tube lady.  After watching for a few minutes, I was off to find some paper to get started.
The pocket doesn't really show to good in the picture but, it is cool.
I'm giving this to my son for his first Father's Day.

 I have a friend who I call "Daddy-O".
He is always wearing red, white & blue.  He talks like an old sailor.  This card is perfect for him.
He's my baking partner.  We have the best bake off's.
I couldn't figure out why the measurements where not working out the same.  Now looking at them together I see the is smaller.
I had fun making them.
I made a few other American cards but, I didn't like the light so, I will try again tomorrow.

Happy Father Day to my Dad.
What a great man!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Happy Kitchen

My God Mother sends me some of the best things at the end of June.
This is another happiness box I received in the mail.
Pot holders with a message.

Wonder how long she has had them.
Love the tools, can't wait to start using them.

Pocket Letter

My very first Pocket Letter to send to my pen-pal in Ireland. 
I have seen these on "You Tube" and they always make it look so easy to make.
They are easy, it's just getting the stuff put together is the hard part.
This is the front.
You use baseball holders to start.
Then you can make a theme.  My theme is a little of this and that. 
This is the back where you can see all of the crafting supplies I put in the pockets.
I added washi tape to keep the pockets closed. It gives it a crafty look. 
I started out with a thought to have it purple & gold, but every thing started to become something else is cuter.
When you have nine pockets to fill, you go crazy with...maybe this, no do it this way. 
I used sticker letters to give it words.
Hello 2016 looked so cute together, even with it being the month of June.
I got the 2016 from Target dollar bin. 
Then I spelled out her name on the card and put the orange thingy on the out side.
It just seemed to need something on the outside too.
See what I mean, you start going crazy and this is only pocket #4. 
 I found the gold bow also at Target in the dollar bin.
I put "Read" on the card because inside the pocket is the letter to her.
I think this is my favorite pocket!
 Enjoy has a tea bag behind it.
She loves tea just like me.
This is the bottom.
I put paper clip of all colors with two coffee cup clips.
The next one has some ribbon.
The last one has pop up gray dots I found at Michael's for 49 cents!
I put washi tape on the top to keep the pockets closed and she will be able to reuse the tape. 
Just some fun stuff I found in the dollar bin.
I have no idea what she will do with that big anchor but, it so cute. 
 I love this tea.
She doesn't get this in Ireland.
 I wrapped it up like a little gift.
I love the card that says "So lucky to know you".
She can put it in her planner.
These where the extras I put in.  She said on her blog that America has better things for her planner. I hope these are something she can use.
I added a candy bar, what girl doesn't love some candy.
It's a little pricey to send but, so worth it.  I know she will put it on her blog.
I guess I should start showing the great things I get in the mail.
I have the best time going to my p.o. box, it makes me smile.

What have you been doing lately?
Somehow, I don't get comments so I'm thinking I pushed the wrong button somewhere.
I've been thinking lately to stop this blog because no body says anything.  But, then I look at the count and it looks like I have about 33 ppl who stop by.
Thank you to all of you and if you can tell me why I have no comments and how to solve that I would really like to learn.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Looking out and up

Some days are better then other.

The sky has a story to tell.

What is your story for this Sunday?

I have to say empty nest is not something I was ready for or enjoying.  I think I need a dog.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bunco with the ladies

The second Friday of the month I go out to play Bunco.  I just started as a way to get out and explore the world.
I didn't tell you, it's also at the Senior Center.  Well, I found out last night that I'm really not old enough to be part of these groups.  There is an age and I'm not there yet!!
I won't even be old enough after this birthday. 
You get a name tag..Oh Boy!
They feed you a small meal.  Last night was cold pizza and salad.  Trust me I don't go for the food.
Then you get a score sheet.
With every round you get a new partner, can't play with the same person all night long.
By the end of the night you add up your "W" & "L".
As you can tell by all of my "L"..I win!
I won a $10 gift card at Target, my favorite store.
After going for now the third time, I have learn who to stay away from and who I can have a giggle or two with.
It's so funny, how at any age you find people just don't change.  I always seem to find the ones who maybe should have stayed home for the night because they should just stay in bed..hahaha

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Birthday Card & a JAM

My friend Yvonne sent me a card like this, her's had flowers on it, so cute.
Like most of my cards, I have to copy it.
This card is so easy to make and has many possibilities.
The happy birthday pop's out as you open it. 
It's like a surprise in a card.
I made this one really simple.  The friend I gave it to isn't into fancy.
It has everything for a great card, presents, cupcake with a candle, & happy birthday that pop's!
I'm going to make these for my June pen pal exchange with maybe camera's. 
Onto this JAM. Remember it means just add more.
I didn't want to mess this one up because its so pretty already.
I had gotten a doily from a pen pal so I cut it up and used it to put under the popped up tag. Then I decided to add words and I'm not really crazy about the look but, it's ink so its done! 
Here are all three of them ready to go to the last friend.  I'm not sure who I should send this one too.  I was thinking about sending it to my friend who gave me the doily..funny me.
I found two more in a craft box..I must have cleaned up twice and forgot about them. 

I had 22 ppl stop by this blog this weekend. Thank you for dropping in, I really don't know why we cant leave a comment, I must have pushed the wrong button again and it's now silent.  That's okay I'm happy to see you here.
If you want to exchange cards with me or be part of the Jam snail mail me at:
Myra H
P.O. Box 3471
Cerritos, CA 90703

Happy Stamping!