Through Myra's Eyes

Sunday, January 31, 2016

15 hearts

I love to make cards with hearts on them!
February is always the month that every card maker puts those cards in the mail to those they have thought about all year long and haven't stopped to write any other time of the year.
I have also made some for a few Sailors, I know what your it's nothing like that at all.
I found where you can send cards to Sailors or a Marine.  So I sent out 5, all I hope is, that it puts a smile on there face. 
My supplies are very simple.
Already made blank cards with envelopes, white paper, heart punch  and some foam squares. Then red ink for one heart.
I really had fun making these.
You can do it too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm reading...let's just say it's a start

if you find this Letter, by Hannah Brencher.
This is a easy read, fun and ready to see how it end kind of book.
I picked it because of it's cover.  Like always I let my eyes do the work.
I have to say I thought it was going to have a different story, but it's good, in it's own way.
It's a keeper.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Cross our fingers

I found a job on line for the company I have been wanting to work at for about four years now.
It's called Arrowhead Products in Los Alamitos, CA
They are a aviation & aerospace product company.
I found them close to my home, but three years ago I took this other job doing element assembly. 
Today I applied for their assembler job, I also found an insulation fabricator on the site but, it was taken. For ten years I worked for Boeing doing that job.
This would be the best part of the new year to be able to work for this company.  I can put it on my list of finding my dream job.
Cross our fingers and hope the right person see's my resume and read's my past job history and gives me the chance to shine again!

Looks like unemployment didn't receive my paper work and it will be a few more weeks with no pay. I can see the light, the tunnel is just in arms reach.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Baby pumpkin has seeds!

Remember this pumpkin I grew last year!!
I decided to open it up before I tossed it out, and look it has a lot of seeds..who knew!
I know I get excited about the most random crap, but this wasn't something I thought would have so much life inside of it. 
The seeds are a good size for something so small.
Now, I'm going to figure out how to keep them dry so I can plant them later.
I also have to figure out when this year I should put them in dirt and watch them grow.
Grow..big word here.
Let's hope they grow.

On another note!!  This blog, yes this fun thing I do all alone with my camera and thoughts, got 53 views yesterday!!  Excitement filled my eyes.  I usually have 6 of you who stop by, believe me I am excited to see you here.  The last time I got a lot of views was when Reed put my blog name on his year of letters blog and a lot of his friends came by to see me, that was about 100 ppl, talk about excited.  How are you Reed?
I just want to say thank you.  There has been days when I don't blog because I just don't get out and do things.  Now that I don't have a job, I really don't do much, I need a job.  I love doing for my kids but, some days are all about cooking, cleaning and then it's dark and I realized I killed a day.  
Goals for the week... 
...put resume out there your kids don't like you sad
Have a great day!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flash light on card game

Skip-Bo is my favorite card game.  I can play it by myself..I know I'm odd.
It's Sunday night and I pull out these cards and Princess P gives me that look...then say's, Okay I will play.  Yes, I love it when we play cards together.
I will let her cheat a little bit.
The game is getting good, she isn't bored, music is playing and then...the lights go out. 
Darkness in the kitchen.
With this old house, I'm use to it so I get up to find the flash light right where I put it.
The game must go on and it does, only with two flash lights on the table.
We can do this together, it's not so bad without electricity.
Twenty minutes later, the street has lights, and so does the Skip-Bo game.

Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie is gone

David Bowie has passed away due to cancer, on Jan. 10, 2016.
I have some of the best memories about sitting in a line for 6 hours to buy two tickets to see him at Angel Stadium in the summer of 1983.
I had a t-shirt made with his name on it with a big 83' along with it.
I was in nose bleed seats and during the concert.  I was asked three times if I wanted to buy drugs...yuck, no!  (I remember once in the bathroom by some ugly girl.)  After that day I changed my look back to Miss Sweet and Pretty Girl.  I didn't want to look like a dirty drugy any more.  
But, even thou I changed my looks I didn't stop loving David Bowie music, I can hear the first note and start singing his songs word for word.
When I was thinking about naming my first child, I was thinking it would be fun to name a boy Bowie.  My Mother had a short talk with me about it, and with her words I decided I should save that name for a pet.
"I still don't know what I was waiting for....change change changes!"  Berlin will always love you but, I will never for get the hours of enjoying your music.
Look out you rock n rollers, David Bowie is going to change heaven.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Gotta card in the mail

This is from my friend Ruth.  She wrote that she hasn't gotten a card from me since Jan. that can't be right.
I guess I did fall off of my writing to friends a little bit.
I really felt bad when I read that, some kind of friend I am.

Photo A Day..Jan. 5-8th

Jan. 5th: Leaves
The plant that doesn't want to grow flowers. 
Jan. 6th: Something Blue.
I love this old car. Those tail lights are amazing, I'm sure the truck is huge.
The cars you see in the cemetery. 
I love to read the lids to my favorite Snapple drink, you know you read them 
I love down town landscape. I was really trying to get the tower in the background but, it doesn't really show.
I need to go back to explore LA a little more.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Photo A Day January 2016

It's a month, not the week.  I'm so glad it went back.
Here we go again.
I put my favorite paper together with color pencils. 
This is my ugly front door.
I love this mask.

A quiet place to see 
The circle.
I finally used my dutch oven. It is very heavy.

I hope you try to do this along with me.
Have fun.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Another start to Photo A Day

Jan 1st: Black & White.
Let's try taking pictures again.
I decided on paper, color pencils and frame it.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year to all of my friends who stop by and look around my little space of fun.
Thank goodness 2015 is gone.  Do you feel the same way?
I guess I didn't do or get as much done as I wished so, here's to a new start of doing.
I have a lot of things I really want to get done this year.
 Lets don't make a list, we know where that gets me..never done.

Lets just work on things one at a time. 
I really hope happiness blows in and brings my smile back.  
I hope I can help Princess P hit her goals this year.  Now that she has talked about a few, being a Mother I feel like I really need to step up and help her get them done so she doesn't go threw life thinking that 2016 was a failure.
I really need to get done the things that simply piss me off.  You know the things that you say your going to do but, don't stick with them.
Those Random acts of Kindness, I need to do them for myself this year.

Lets start out slow and move our self to the finish line this year.
Have a great year. 
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Write me a note in snail mail
Myra H
P. O. Box 3471
Cerritos, CA 90703
Since I received three xmas cards I'm not thinking I will get many notes from putting my address on my blog.
Have a great day.
The Rose parade is getting started here, it's always a good day to sit and watch flowers go by.
Cheers to a NEW YEAR!!!!