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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crock Pot Dump Recipes...will I pull out the pot?

Another wonderful recipe book.  This time its all for a Crock Pot.  Sound simple enough but, where did I hide that crock know what I'm talking about.
Well, my wonderful daughter said, Mom why do you buy those books you never make anything from them.  Well, she does have a point there.
This time I have taken it to work to read on my break, you can see it has been open up..that's a start!!
I might not cook everything in this book but, there are alot of really good ideas.
I have decided on this one.
Mother's Sausage and vegetable soup.
It has all the things I eat, well, not crazy about beans but, I can eat around them. 
And here is the recipe.
Not to hard to make.
So if I put it on at 2am when I leave, maybe someone in my family will turn it off before it burns the house down and then we can eat together.
I have a feeling it will be tested and then eaten by those who are still around until lunch time around here.
I just wonder how many it really feeds.
If I add more will it take longer to cook?
I hope you try this with me and see how it goes for you. 

Happy Cooking with the Crock Pot!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

CA Lottery...Always a Player, Never a Winner

Always a Player, Never a Winner...
No matter how you say it...with slang or with/without's all the same for
I just can't seem to pick any of the numbers.  This time I did get one number right...whoa!
There is a small store in my hood that is across the street form the cemetery and it has had a winner every other month now.  SO, I figure I should try my luck there...makes sense.  I just don't have the luck to win money I guess. So I will continue to work crazy hours and make my own way in this world.
I spent $3 on some paper that I won't ever use :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Steps in Culver City, Ca

I had a Saturday off and went for a hike!!
I heard about the step in Culver City, but when you get there its called Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.
We parked on the street and took off up these three steps into the dirt. 
This is the sign that is behind the wall on the top picture.
At this point you cant see the steps, so you take off up this dirt path or into the high grass.
I took the choice. 
This is the map of where I was off too.
I didn't really need a map, it is wide open paths on this hill. 
I thought I would enlarge this sign.
I love the CA. Poppy flower...someone was thinking when they designed this sign. 
 A little more info
Found the steps!
They go straight joke.
I was at the bottom looking up knowing I came to walk them and not quit.
We took off along with others who where in good shape and also those who going slower then me.
Who thought this one up??
It was a beautiful day to be here and so glad we drove 45 mins to do this. 
This picture is to show you that these are stone and they all have different height so the challenge is on!
Not quit to the top and you find this 375 feet above sea level stone, with a circle of other thoughts around it. 
 No sure why this was needed but I had to take a picture of it any ways.
This is the last 50 feet before the top of the steps.
It has a nice brick wall for sitting and taking in the view.
The TOP..made it.
Now the question we walk down the steps or go down the safe path??
Yes I did the safe path and enjoy it so much more. I found a great place to enjoy the view and found the learning center. 
The path down.
Found the fire dept. coming up the hill to take a break. 
 California at it best..a little smoggy and a few odd clouds.  You can also see how building are very close together.  Yes my cement world.
This is the path I took..I was waiting for a snake to come out but I didn't see one...lucky me!! 
I guess they have signs for people who want to get eaten..who knows.
Can you tell we haven't had rain for a while??
I was looking out from a great spot and notice this rainbow. Now I need to find out what it is for.
This is a learning center and I sat in this area to rest under a tree and feel the breeze.
Also drink some water. 
This gives you the idea of who comes here and you can come alone.
This is a planter I had to take a picture of it...see the metal pieces on the sitting spot?
These are put there so the skate boarders cant grind and put wax on the wall and make a mess.
If you didn't live where there are so many hobbies you wouldn't understand why they are added. 
I had to take a picture of this bench.
She looked like she was waiting for someone. 
And he missed but it does look like missed connections..hahaha. 
This is hard to under stand but where the writing is it called a ditch, this is where rain water goes from the streets.  Someone wrote "Prom?:  meaning they were asking to take someone to the prom.
Here in CA kids get creative on asking someone to a dance. 
When you are at the top you take silly pictures.
My hair looks like I went through a wind
It was a great day I am glad we went.
You can find this on by googling it at Culver City in California.
Our next place will be in Santa Monica, they have steps too.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Photo a day..Week 13

Week does the time fly??
These are getting harder for me I guess that is why it is called a challenge.

"Too Much"...nothing is to much..or is it?
"A treasure"..collecting sea shells on the beach is what I have always called a treasure!
"Half"..a glass half full? my measuring cup is half
"I love"...nail polish, music, chaos, watching clouds and baking.
Something white...remember when sheets on your bed where always happy those days are gone.
"Give"..that shouldn't be to hard.
"Zen"..okay now that isn't something I look for in this big world.  I guess because I cant stay still.

IF your playing along, have fun with can do this.

I went for a walk to the Culver City Stairs, I have some great pictures to share.

I'm off to bed. I have to work in the morning..I am doing all of the over time I can.  I want to find a new place to live and get my family back on track.  This house has nothing more to offer.
Until tomorrow, Keep smiling!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Photo A Day Week 11

Week 11 is that possible?
Some days I am really struggling on this due to...
over time, over thinking the theme and looking to see what others have done and they have done what was on my list.
Must over come the worry of not taking great pictures.  This is to be fun not a chore.
March 9: Make
I made this candy vase for Marixa at work, she is now time flies.
She gave herself a birthday gift of "blue" hair.  I like it but the haters at work haven't been to nice. 
March 10 Floral
These are from Princess P prom.
They were so beautiful and his were nice too. 
March 11:Happy Place
Stamping on a table is my happy place.
I played with this stamp and made a really cute card after a few goof ups. It's that what crafting is all about? 
March 12:Details
I found this in the art section at the county fair and tried to figure out what the words where all about. I never got it. Her lips are better in person, the different grays make it pretty.

March 13; Color   March 14 : favorite   March 15: Small
Not sure what I should do for today and favorite could be my nail polish lined up. I would put my kids pictures up but, every one knows they are my favorite.  Small is a challenge for me.

It's been a busy week.  I guess it started last week with me working Sunday. I have worked 12 days straight and I will work again tomorrow. Do I love my job or the money.  Honestly, I really like both, it makes it easier to go in when I get to have a few laughs in the day with the silly kids I work with.
I also found a house for rent on Myra Ave. I found out it got rented before I got to go inside, Oh well, maybe next time. I will keep looking..yes, I want to move so bad.  It will happen.
Thanks for stopping in, I had 125 ppl look yesterday..WOW and Thank You!!
Have a great weekend.

Monday, March 9, 2015

I got mail from my Post Crossing

A card from Jenna!
I found her on Post Crossing..I really don't understand how that site works.  So I picked someone with similar like.
Jenna has really pretty writing, she hasn't been to California so, you know me I will find things to send her, and I really love this card.
This card has really pretty color.
It is by Jody Bergsma, she lives in Bellingham,WA.
This painting of a swallowtail butterfly, which has just emerged from its cocoon, portrays the spirit and wonder of emergence and new beginnings.  The fairy on the butterfly's back invites us to ride the winds of change, accept life's natural flow, shed the old, and come into the new.  Metamorphosis is the magic of life.
That's what is written on the back.
You can find her work at bergsma(dot) com

I need to get my stamps out and make a pretty card for Jenna.
I hope you can see the excitement in my words for receiving a card.  Sometimes words can't always express happiness.
It was a good day, hope your day was just as good!

Friday, March 6, 2015

I am on Reed's blog..Day 61

I can't began to tell you how excited I am to be on someone's blog.
I wrote to a stranger and he put my card on his blog!!
He even wrote me back,I will have to go to my P.O. Box tomorrow after work.
 I just have to say.. Thank you Reed for all of your kind words, yes I did cry, but happy tears that made me excited that I wrote to you.
  The challenge is on..come on people who read this blog as you are passing through.
Let's see if you can write a letter to a stranger.  Make it simple and put a few things in it about you to make someone smile!  It's really not hard at all.  Takes maybe 30 minutes of your time and a postage stamp.
I stepped out of my comfort zone and now I can say I wrote to a stranger.
Now I need to see if I can write a letter or a post card and leave it somewhere to see what will happen. Reed left on at a Starbucks..Way to go Reed!!
My new lucky number now should be #61..I think I will go play it on the lotto!
 Like always, thanks for stopping in! My numbers on this blog are getting bigger because of you and I am grateful.
I'm off to sleep, must work tomorrow for some of that over time money, we know where that cash will be spent!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Got to love some Rachael Ray & Dr. Oz

Some reading for me!
I love magazines, don't you?
Rachael Ray is the best!  When I got my "orange" pots a & pans I thought I had made it big in the kitchen. Now I guess I need a dutch oven, have you ever picked on up?  They weigh like a ton.  In this issue she talks about how you can bake bread in way!! I really need to save up my recycle money and go get me a dutch oven to try.
This issue is March 2015, on page 102 she gives a recipe for "Basic Muffin mix" and then on page 103, you can add in the good stuff.  It's a must try!

Dr. Oz, the new magazine packed full of great things to read and start a better change in your life.This is the March 2015 issue and on page 31 you can learn a new way to plank..yes standing up..who know!
There are some good food to try and some great ideas to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I know, I'm really trying to do some of these things..if I could only just let go of feeling like I don't deserve it or I would be doing it if I wasn't so tired. Maybe the more I read his magazine the more I will just get brave and do it all.  What happen to the girl in her 20's who didn't listen to fear and went for everything? Oh that's right her safety blanket passed away and she now sits back in the safe line of life...poor her, we need to get her back on track..I do say the strangest things to my self..hahhaha  
So that is what I'm reading and it is so worth the money to buy these two magazines!

Well, I didn't work 12 hours today just 10 so, I got a few things done.
I fixed the tail lights on my car.  Had no idea that two fuses cost $5, and the creeper next door came over and helped me.  I hope he doesn't think we will be friends now because he's got another thing coming.
My bestest buddy at work came back to my building, so excited. Hes working 2nd shift but at least we get to laugh again. Laughter really help make 3 am and 10 or 12 hours go way faster.  Just happy to have a job!!
Tomorrows picture is.."Out the Window"..not sure where I should stand for that one.
Gotta go to bed, have a great Thursday. Keep reading!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March 1st. 2015

This how my garden grows!
These are gladiolas I planted last year in this ugly flower pot and look they came back!!
My excitement might not need to be so happy but, I really haven't done much to this pot and it is doing so good all alone.
Getting back to my garden is somethings this sad house really needs.
I went looking for another house to live in on Friday but, the two places I looked at where way over my rent limit. I just don't want to pay another months rent here but, it looks like I'm not looking to hard at getting out of this dump hole. I hope this isn't considered depression because I don't need another problem to solve.

I have had 1701 ppl look at this blog!! That makes me so excited.  I really need to work harder on making it a lot better if I have someone coming to look.
Another new month, another reason to start a challenge.  I'm still working on photo a day. This next week is hard but I will try.
SO..I have my nails painted.
I wrote a letter to my friend Madison.
I have been here today.
I bought and wrapped a wedding gift for Special K, that wedding is next Saturday, just need a card.
That is four things done, lets see what I can do for tomorrow.
Have a great Monday.
Keep smiling it is working for you!!