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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Got to love some Rachael Ray & Dr. Oz

Some reading for me!
I love magazines, don't you?
Rachael Ray is the best!  When I got my "orange" pots a & pans I thought I had made it big in the kitchen. Now I guess I need a dutch oven, have you ever picked on up?  They weigh like a ton.  In this issue she talks about how you can bake bread in way!! I really need to save up my recycle money and go get me a dutch oven to try.
This issue is March 2015, on page 102 she gives a recipe for "Basic Muffin mix" and then on page 103, you can add in the good stuff.  It's a must try!

Dr. Oz, the new magazine packed full of great things to read and start a better change in your life.This is the March 2015 issue and on page 31 you can learn a new way to plank..yes standing up..who know!
There are some good food to try and some great ideas to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. I know, I'm really trying to do some of these things..if I could only just let go of feeling like I don't deserve it or I would be doing it if I wasn't so tired. Maybe the more I read his magazine the more I will just get brave and do it all.  What happen to the girl in her 20's who didn't listen to fear and went for everything? Oh that's right her safety blanket passed away and she now sits back in the safe line of life...poor her, we need to get her back on track..I do say the strangest things to my self..hahhaha  
So that is what I'm reading and it is so worth the money to buy these two magazines!

Well, I didn't work 12 hours today just 10 so, I got a few things done.
I fixed the tail lights on my car.  Had no idea that two fuses cost $5, and the creeper next door came over and helped me.  I hope he doesn't think we will be friends now because he's got another thing coming.
My bestest buddy at work came back to my building, so excited. Hes working 2nd shift but at least we get to laugh again. Laughter really help make 3 am and 10 or 12 hours go way faster.  Just happy to have a job!!
Tomorrows picture is.."Out the Window"..not sure where I should stand for that one.
Gotta go to bed, have a great Thursday. Keep reading!

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