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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Photo a day..Week 13

Week does the time fly??
These are getting harder for me I guess that is why it is called a challenge.

"Too Much"...nothing is to much..or is it?
"A treasure"..collecting sea shells on the beach is what I have always called a treasure!
"Half"..a glass half full? my measuring cup is half
"I love"...nail polish, music, chaos, watching clouds and baking.
Something white...remember when sheets on your bed where always happy those days are gone.
"Give"..that shouldn't be to hard.
"Zen"..okay now that isn't something I look for in this big world.  I guess because I cant stay still.

IF your playing along, have fun with can do this.

I went for a walk to the Culver City Stairs, I have some great pictures to share.

I'm off to bed. I have to work in the morning..I am doing all of the over time I can.  I want to find a new place to live and get my family back on track.  This house has nothing more to offer.
Until tomorrow, Keep smiling!

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