Through Myra's Eyes

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Did a little envelope art

On July 31, someone in my life will get a few birthday cards and this is one of the envelopes he will be laughing about.
Gotta love this guy.
I started with the orange and then noticed that I made it off the line so I added the blue and then it really made it look bad. Oh well he will still love it.
I felt like the days in jr. high when I did this to all of my envelopes..a little off.
The stamp has a flower he use to grow at work.

Happy Birthday Don
   Hope your day is full of fun
       Miss you so much
             Come back soon
                  Love you!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Share a Coke with Kevin !!!!!

So excited to find this Coke bottle.
I'm on a mission to find all six of us.
I put the days that the Ducks played last season behind this bottle because that is Kevin's favorite team.
I hope I can find my name, its not that popular so it might be a long shot.  I not sure I will find "Queenie's" name either.  I found Crash D's but it was on a black bottle with Coke zero, not the one I want.
Coke's new summer promotion it to find your name.

Good Luck to all of you finding your name.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer of Color #6

 My little creation for the last of Summer of Color.
I had fun making this one. I took my punch, three pieces of paper raspberry, tangerine and a little yellow, along with my stickles and some glue and this is what happened!!
Not bad for doing wash and making a project all in one.
This has the same colors for this challenge but, I don't really think it has that wow you took some time on this look.  But, it will be something to put in my box when I need a quick card to thinking.

All in a days
I live in the smallest house in CA.  This washer is in the kitchen, next to the kitchen table.  SO I use it as a table a lot of time and it works well for a crafting stop too.  

I had fun making two things for the Summer of Color challenge. Everyone has amazing idea's that they did, I will really need to practice before next summer comes along to be part of this fun project. This was so much fun!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer of Color #5

This is my first  project of Summer of Color #4.
I love to make paper purses so I took the three, royal blue, and a dot of baby blue.
The purse really looks black and that is so disappointing because it is really pretty paper.
I took a 12 X 12 piece of paper and scored it at 2 3/4 at both ends.  so really it's 2 3/4 from the left then the right side
then turn it around and score at 4 1/2 the same way.
then you pinch in the sides, it looks like a "m" then all you do is decorate.
I found it on You Tube under paper purses. 
I punched out these flowers and put a gem in the middle.  So upset that the paper looks black but my son's told me yes that is royal blue mom.

Since you know me I will go make another one the color I think is

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy envelope

So excited to receive this in my from Jean at pushing the envelope.I made a comment on her blog and she sent this to excited.
When I open up my box, I said OMG, No way! 
I didn't even care if someone heard me because getting mail from someone I don't even know (who I enjoy looking at her blog every day), is worth making some noise over...don't you agree?
Now I am going to get out my pens and paper and practices these letters.  Love how she wrote MYRA.

I have a new project to do so, Im off to make a purse with three color', royal blue and a dash of  baby blue for a project with Summer of Color.  I found it on someones blog and so I'm off to get with the program.
Wish me luck.

Happy birthday to my Dad.  He would have been 93.  If I could have only had that many years with him. Time helps use move on and find ourselves and memories help us keep them next to us.  He would be so happy that I have put art into my life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Me: A to Z

I found this fun way to describe here goes!

A: animals....2 Betta fish
B: bike or bus.. my purple bike
C: cake or pie..cake (I love to make them)
D: day of choice..any day I can spend with my kids.
E: essential item..Maybelline Great lash (love lashes)
F: favorite color...aqua
G: grapes or grapes
H: habit...saying hello to strangers
I: favorite indulgence...McD french fries
J: January or July...July time to bbq
K: kids...Special K, Queenie, Crash D, Princess P, &
                        Bonus Daughter
L: life isn't complete without...sunshine and sand
M: money or motherhood...ez one always motherhood
N: nick name...My
O: organized? always looking for something
P: place you want to visit...taping of Wheel of Fortune 
Q: quiet?...gotta say no, I love chaos 
R: reason to smile...I have a job, place to live & amazing 
                                kids, my life is good.
S: season of choice...Summer, longer days are fun
T: talent...can move big, middle & baby toe at the same time 
U: unknown fact about me...I love to watch the movie Juno
V: vision in 5 run a marathon
W: worst habit...leaving dishes in the sink 
X:  xoxo means? you are someone I care about
Y: your favorite food...bread with butter
Z: zodiac sign...Cancer, June 26  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Circle me happy

With some scrap's and a punch and favorite purple ink pad...we can make circle time a card.
I got this idea from someone's blog. It was so cute I just had to try it out myself. 
I really love how this turned out.  I just might make a dozen and mail them out and see who writes me back.  I feel like the worst pen pal lately so who knows who is really making cards these days.  Hard to believe I use to make 50 cards a month and get that many back, that was so much fun.
So I think I will surprise someone who needs a smile with this card.

The holiday for me is over..darn.  I really did nothing at all this weekend and I had three days off.
I'm doing poorly with my one sentence a day journaling...well we all knew where that was going to go now didn't we!!  I will start it up again.
My to do list is still long and I really want it done all of it by the end of this month. Which month would that be?
Have a great start of the week, look's like heat for me.  Better then rain any day.
Work that smile!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

One sentence

I did everything I wanted to do today, happy birthday America you have made me who I want to of guilt. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First try..not so good

This is called a "mini pocket album".
It's cute but, I think if I would have used different paper, not so thick it might have worked out better.
Once I added the insides it started to get to thick so, it didn't want to stay closed.
My next one will be much better. 
This is it opened up.
I started from the bottom to decorate it.  Maybe that is where I went wrong.  I found this on You tube and the lady didn't show how to do the insides so, I was on my own and we all know where that goes!! 
I made pockets to put the pictures in or make a book for journaling.
I tried to make each section it's own.  So I used four different papers. 
Love this one.  The piece on the right is like a belly band and the flower is a sticker from the pack of paper.  The I had to add some bling. It's so cute I'm not going to want to cover it up with a picture. 
This was the first one I did.  So I made it like a picture frame.  I love it but its to thick. 

See how it got to thick. I'm thinking different paper and maybe score it at a wider spot so it will bend at the right spot.
I'm going to make this one work, its to cute to toss out.
I'm also going to try to make a bigger one for photos I don't want to cut down.

This was fun.
We will call this 1 of 52.

I have a three day weekend so I'm going to work on something new.  I saw a box purse, going to try it.  I also saw a shoe I would love to figure out or pay $49 to be a member and get the pattern.

I need to catch up on my one sentence journaling.
I saw a friend of my daughters from way back in Girl Scouts at the food store to night.  I really miss her. She was one of those friends I wished we could stay in contact with because I really thought she would be a good friend for my daughter and I loved talking to her mom.  But, we went to other schools and we all move on.  I loved talking to her, I could have talked to her all night.  What a sweet girl

I find myself being the bubble gum machine at work.
So I bought all of them. I hope Mr. Spain enjoy's  What I love about this gum is the wrapper's!