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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First try..not so good

This is called a "mini pocket album".
It's cute but, I think if I would have used different paper, not so thick it might have worked out better.
Once I added the insides it started to get to thick so, it didn't want to stay closed.
My next one will be much better. 
This is it opened up.
I started from the bottom to decorate it.  Maybe that is where I went wrong.  I found this on You tube and the lady didn't show how to do the insides so, I was on my own and we all know where that goes!! 
I made pockets to put the pictures in or make a book for journaling.
I tried to make each section it's own.  So I used four different papers. 
Love this one.  The piece on the right is like a belly band and the flower is a sticker from the pack of paper.  The I had to add some bling. It's so cute I'm not going to want to cover it up with a picture. 
This was the first one I did.  So I made it like a picture frame.  I love it but its to thick. 

See how it got to thick. I'm thinking different paper and maybe score it at a wider spot so it will bend at the right spot.
I'm going to make this one work, its to cute to toss out.
I'm also going to try to make a bigger one for photos I don't want to cut down.

This was fun.
We will call this 1 of 52.

I have a three day weekend so I'm going to work on something new.  I saw a box purse, going to try it.  I also saw a shoe I would love to figure out or pay $49 to be a member and get the pattern.

I need to catch up on my one sentence journaling.
I saw a friend of my daughters from way back in Girl Scouts at the food store to night.  I really miss her. She was one of those friends I wished we could stay in contact with because I really thought she would be a good friend for my daughter and I loved talking to her mom.  But, we went to other schools and we all move on.  I loved talking to her, I could have talked to her all night.  What a sweet girl

I find myself being the bubble gum machine at work.
So I bought all of them. I hope Mr. Spain enjoy's  What I love about this gum is the wrapper's!

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