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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Circle me happy

With some scrap's and a punch and favorite purple ink pad...we can make circle time a card.
I got this idea from someone's blog. It was so cute I just had to try it out myself. 
I really love how this turned out.  I just might make a dozen and mail them out and see who writes me back.  I feel like the worst pen pal lately so who knows who is really making cards these days.  Hard to believe I use to make 50 cards a month and get that many back, that was so much fun.
So I think I will surprise someone who needs a smile with this card.

The holiday for me is over..darn.  I really did nothing at all this weekend and I had three days off.
I'm doing poorly with my one sentence a day journaling...well we all knew where that was going to go now didn't we!!  I will start it up again.
My to do list is still long and I really want it done all of it by the end of this month. Which month would that be?
Have a great start of the week, look's like heat for me.  Better then rain any day.
Work that smile!

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