Through Myra's Eyes

Monday, February 29, 2016

Three in a day

 I went through my stack of paper packs and decided that this one beautiful pad needed to find it's way into a card.
I loved this paper so much that I didn't want to cut it up.
Today was the day to cut it up and make some cards.
I'm really happy I did.
I cut out the butterfly, punched some flowers and matted the words and here is the first one done.
I have sheets of birds cages.  I cut this one out and didn't cry doing it, I think I can do more with the rest of this paper.
I really love this one. I guess it's the bird cage that win's it for me.
I cut out the butterfly and it is so beautiful that I decided not to add much more to this card to keep it simple.
Love how this one turned out.

Then when I pulled out these white envelopes I decided they needed something too.
I really need to make a card with this stamp.

I already have these in the mail.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Note on my car

When leaving a note on a car, best advice, make sure it for the person you want it for, not someone who you don't know!
I am struggling with a note I found on my car.  It's small, but the words are big. 
As I took it off of my windshield wiper, I wasn't expecting it to be so awful.

It said, "You are going to hell".

What? Who me? You got the wrong car. After recovering from the air leaving my lungs in a shock, I looked around.  As if to find someone who left this. What would this person look like anyways?
I looked at my car and thought, it's clean, well loved and parked good. Who would think to pick me?

Now all I want to do is find every color of post-it note pads and write every happy thought I can think of and leave them all over my town, next to every car I park next too. On every bench I pass walking in the park.

My feelings are so hurt.  I feel the need to go out and spread happiness.

I know happiness starts at home and that is why I am on a hunt for a new place to live.  We all have a story and mine is not one I like to share.  Now with this note I found, it gives me another reason to go out and do better, be stronger and find the positive in life.

Life can only get better!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wallet album

 I found this on You Tube, so I made it for my friend Jenny for xmas.
I thought I had showed you but, it must have gone somewhere else.
I had all this Disney paper so I went for it.
This was one of those learning experiences to say the most but, it turned out really cute.
I wished I had some of her pictures because I don't think they will ever get put into this album.
When you open it up, it looks like a wallet.
The middle opens up and you can slide out the tags and put more pictures.  The red dot's are jewels to make it easier to slide them out. 
This is page two in the middle.
There is so much to do with this one. 
 This is the last page.  I cut it so Mickey would be the center point of the back page.
I love this who page.
The bottom has tags that pull out, with hearts to put fun Disney pictures.
These are the tags that go in the pockets in the middle part.
This was so much fun.
The lady on You tube took 30 minutes well, it took me over three hours of fun and cutting.

You will have to be very special for me to make one like this for you. And you must give me pictures because I'm not giving one of these away without pictures in them. This one is probably sitting in a drawer if it hasn't hit the trash can.  I gave it as a gift and it didn't seem like she wanted it. SO Sad.

Laugh, Create! Smile

 Just a few more reasons to bring out that box of paper and make some fun cards to send out.
I'm really trying to send a card a day in this whole month.
The easy part is making them.
The hard part is who to send them too.
I pulled out my box of cards from some pen pals I've had in the past.  Do I send them a card and say..Oh Hello there remember me?

I wish this picture was better, I love these flowers. 
The things you can do with a punch.

I went out to our Farmers Market today, yes it's on a Sunday.
I met the nice's crafter there.  She has some amazing sign's, scarf's, those fun albums and jewelry that she hand makes. Her booth was in the middle of this open air market, I thought it was a great spot.
As I was talking to her, others were coming up and looking around.  I hope she made some money today!
I know what your thinking, I want to help her by making some things for her to sale.  You do know me so well.  I really want to make some of my fun things for her to put on her table and see what happens with them.  I'm always the one who wants to help someone out. Anything to help someone make extra money.
I don't have the gut's to do what she is doing but, to make something that I do for the fun of it would really make me feel good inside.

They say...follow your dreams

So, here I go!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A tasty treat for me

You know those stores that suck you in by the smell or just all that fun girl stuff.  Yes, that store you go into and play with make-up, spray your self with perfume you can't afford and then find some bottle that catches your eye with those words or the favor of a vacation you will never get to go on.  That is what happen to me when I saw these two bottles.  It's that lime and kiwi that will wash away my bad mood and hit me with that sweet smell of nuts.
I'm a sucker for a great smell and that is what I will get every time I open these two bottles.

Did I need these?  Of course not but it was Friday night and what else can I do when I have a few dollars in my wallet and I have already had a great meal at home.
I will find the happiness in these bottles like a long needed vacation on the sands of a far away place where the sounds are like that song that starts me singing along.
Now I can wake up and jump in to that shower and find myself in a dream that ends when the hot water starts to become cold as ice.
Happy weekend with a great sweet shower!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is it a trolley or shopping cart/

I have always called this a shopping cart.
What three things are in your shopping cart?

For me...
1. Toilet Paper
2. Fruit..apples & bananas
3. Water bottles

That about sums it up for me.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

I feel so loved.
This is what I found in my mail box this week.
If one of these is from you...Thank you so much.  I can't tell you how happy I was to see a card in the mail.
Starting to reconnect with old friends is a little scary.  I haven't been a great letter writer for about three years.
I am back and going to make cards and write notes and send them.

I brought out the sewing machine after finding a project on "Youtube".
I searched to make a pillow case.
Some people really get into it and others get down to what is needed and how to make it.
My sewing skills aren't as good as they use to be.
If this was 7th grade sewing class, I would have been sent
Crazy as I am, I made two of these.
My son is crazy about hockey so here is his Valentines gift. 
I always try to make something cute to put candy in for my kids.
Paige had used one of my stamps and colored it in but left it so, I cut it out, glued it to a bag and filled it with good stuff.  She thought it was funny.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's read...FIrsts by: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

I have seen a few reviews on this book and it caught my, wanna be a bad girl, eye.
Remember those books when you where say, in jr. high, that you wanted to pick up but, knew you just better let those wild girls read them. I really think this is one of those books.  
Now that I'm older I can pick up any book and not look over my shoulder and put it in my hands and read the inside cover, back cover and look at the cover with a whole different want.
I really didn't need to buy this book but, I couldn't find it in the library so, I took my naughty girl money and bought it and before I walked away from buying it..I put it in my purse so nobody could see that I bought
I know it sounds funny but I guess I still have that good girl image to hold on too.  Or maybe it's age, I don't want others to think I'm reading some kid book. But, I am reading a YA book.  We will see what the whole meaning of this book really means.
If you can keep a secret its really about a girl who teaches boys to be good with there girlfriends, well, you know what I mean. She takes away their first times to be with her so she can help them have big ego's.
I remember in high school, I had one of these friends.  I couldn't understand why she thought having a million guys names in her phone book was so important.  Just seeing her kiss that many guys at school I would have thought guys wouldn't have wanted to be her next victim. The stories she told made me say no thank you to all of it. She talked openly about things I had no idea what she was saying.  I had a guy friend in my life who I could ask what I heard and he would tell me. Oh my yuck, that is what I said about it.  
I love the cover of this book.  We all know I pick up a book for it cover! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Front door get's hearts

I have the ugliest front door on the's the truth.
So, this year things are going to change for this door. The door that let's me in to my things that I think I need in life.
It does get open and shut a few times a day, without slamming shut.
I really like what I did here.  I had this plastic heart and a butterfly from some flowers I got..put it all together and master piece!
The wind is blowing here in my hood today, time to go for a walk and look for some flying cash!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


In my kitchen is a white board.  It has traveled from house to house with me.
It leans up against the refrig. in this house, due to no other place for it.
This board has a way of catching your eye.  You walk next to it as you walk into the kitchen, so it is an open invite to write on it.  The pens are in a container above the board.
My wonderful daughter has been putting a quote a week on this board lately.  I guess going to college helps her express herself more or makes you think more.
What ever the case is, I have some new reading to do weekly now! Today I found this...and thought I would share it with you.

People say Go Big or Go Home, as if going home is a bad thing.  Like Hell Yeah I'm going home and I'm taking a nap when I get there!

I guess I have made this house more comfortable then I thought, I'm happy that she like's home and knows where she can nap!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Two things I found today!

Have you ever noticed this on paper towels?  I remember flowers and xmas stuff but, never words to kick you in the pants and look for a bear hug!
Maybe this will help me clean better...probably not.
I used a whole roll this week and went back to see if I could find another roll to help me with new opportunity to shine.
Maybe it was the kick in the pants that I really needed, I guess the last one I got didn't seem to  
Then I found this package!
Life is looking up for me now.
Who know I could buy Taco Bell Taco Seasoning mix in the store.  
Now I can make my own taco's and enjoy my own cooking and remember the days at Taco Bell.....heaven!

I have giving up fast food and let me tell you it has been difficult.
I am the junk food junkie of the world.  But with my bet with my wonderful son, I have giving up going out.
Believe me when I say it hasn't been easy, it really hasn't.  Monday I took off for a walk and I was gone for two hours.  I left with no money so, I couldn't cheat. I am on a mission and this time I will win.
By the end of this year I will be able to look at my reflection and be happy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Look I cooked

Nothings better then cooking at home & trying something new.
Chicken has a way of being boring sometimes.
I was stuck on an isle, you know those people who stand right in the middle of the shelves & act like they don't know you are behind them or just don't care.  So I acted like I was looking for something and I found this sauces pouch on the top shelf.
They always say the top shelf is the best. 
It's made by Campbell's, I ripped it open before thinking about telling you.
This one will give you some breathe that is something I must tell you.  My taste buds where in over drive.
I put four pieces of chicken in my glass baking dish, cut up some potatoes and added those frozen veggies and 50 minutes in the oven and YUM YUM.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Grown-up coloring

Took my coloring book with me to see my friend Jenny in the hospital.  We had fun with all of the pencils.
I also brought along some candy. Whats a coloring event without our snacks! 
I also got to help her do some of her exercises. She will be up and walking in no time.
This is the next page I want to do.