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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Look I cooked

Nothings better then cooking at home & trying something new.
Chicken has a way of being boring sometimes.
I was stuck on an isle, you know those people who stand right in the middle of the shelves & act like they don't know you are behind them or just don't care.  So I acted like I was looking for something and I found this sauces pouch on the top shelf.
They always say the top shelf is the best. 
It's made by Campbell's, I ripped it open before thinking about telling you.
This one will give you some breathe that is something I must tell you.  My taste buds where in over drive.
I put four pieces of chicken in my glass baking dish, cut up some potatoes and added those frozen veggies and 50 minutes in the oven and YUM YUM.

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