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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wallet album

 I found this on You Tube, so I made it for my friend Jenny for xmas.
I thought I had showed you but, it must have gone somewhere else.
I had all this Disney paper so I went for it.
This was one of those learning experiences to say the most but, it turned out really cute.
I wished I had some of her pictures because I don't think they will ever get put into this album.
When you open it up, it looks like a wallet.
The middle opens up and you can slide out the tags and put more pictures.  The red dot's are jewels to make it easier to slide them out. 
This is page two in the middle.
There is so much to do with this one. 
 This is the last page.  I cut it so Mickey would be the center point of the back page.
I love this who page.
The bottom has tags that pull out, with hearts to put fun Disney pictures.
These are the tags that go in the pockets in the middle part.
This was so much fun.
The lady on You tube took 30 minutes well, it took me over three hours of fun and cutting.

You will have to be very special for me to make one like this for you. And you must give me pictures because I'm not giving one of these away without pictures in them. This one is probably sitting in a drawer if it hasn't hit the trash can.  I gave it as a gift and it didn't seem like she wanted it. SO Sad.

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