Through Myra's Eyes

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy October 31st.
This is my kitchen table with the four pumpkins that came out of my garden!!
I was hoping for bigger but, I will take them so excited that I grow them!
I have had that glass pumpkin for so many years and the Starbucks coffee cup has been around for a very long time also.

Doesn't my blue fish give this table a special touch..haha

I hope you have a good day.

Eat lots of that candy we got for those kids but, really they are our favorites to eat..I know the truth!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Taking on change

My first day of unemployment.
I felt like I knew this was going to happen on Friday.
Yesterday I walked into work and started cleaning out my locker. People around me asked..what are you doing? I said, I really think I will be laid off today.
Within an hour HR showed up, along with guards..guards, do we really need those?
The big guy then showed up and everyone started talking to me again.
I was ready for the next direction of my life.
The good thing is I will get unemployment and my health insurance is good until the end of the year.
I found a quote...
               You know all those things you've wanted to do? 
                   You should go do them.
With these words, I think I need to go do something new.  What that is I'm not sure yet but, it will come to me.
Have a great day. Looks like sunshine in California for me.
Smile, Myra

Monday, October 26, 2015 this make up

Look what I came up with for a great product and gift!
Elf is at my favorite store, Target.
They have a great line of brushes and lips stick and eye shadow colors to make those tired eyes pop with happiness.
Yes, I am an ELF girl.

I put together this fun gift for Princess P bff.
We knew we would give her make up but, not just in a box so, we came up with this fun idea.
It's just like the other ones I have done but, this one is fun because it's my ELF off the shelf! hahhaaha
I love the nail polish sitting happy in the middle too.

I haven't name her friend on here so we know her name starts with a "M".
Happy 20th Birthday Miss M.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I wish I could go visit a friend

This picture was posted on my friends face book page.
Being silly I said, "knock knock any one home".
She hasn't lived in this house long, I wish I could go visit.
One Thanksgiving, I bought a turkey and a few things for a good meal, got on a plane and we had dinner together.  It was the best Thanksgiving ever.
Thanksgiving isn't the easiest time in her family any more. That is why I'm thinking about her and wish I could be there and get her to laugh again.  Time helps but old friends have a way of bringing back the laughter.
I sent her a card and I hope we can write letters again.
Miles can change a friendship, I just hope she knows I'm here for her anytime.

Reading the money's tricky when it's so much!

 Sometimes we over look things and then you notice something that just isn't correct.
When reading the amount of money it always goes three numbers then a ,  I'm thinking someone doesn't know about money but they have a job making a sign.

 I'm always excited to see someone win at this store. It's a new store in a odd spot.
When someone won big with the Power Ball lotto, it became very busy.
The morning radio station I listen too, talked about, who was this winner at this store. They wanted to become their friend!
Then it happen again. You could see the change in the store. Always a line and right when you come in the door there is a lottery stand so you can fill out the paper to buy a ticket.

Oh thank heaven for Seven Eleven, has been the store slogan for many years. 
Most stores look the same. It's known for slurpee's, hot dogs rolling on a hot machine for hours..haha..
This store is located at the corner of Lincoln and Denny, in the city of Cypress. Across the street from Forest Lawn Cemetery.
Does anyone care that the sign is wrong?
Apparently not  the owner, or the one who buys the sign for this store.  Could it be because their first language isn't English.

Always looking for a good laugh!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Photo A Day week 43

How has the time gone so fast??
Week 43 already?

I really need to get on this, how about you? 
Are you taking pictures too?
I'm already a day behind, like always.
This blog is also doing a walking challenge.
I'm going to see if I can get my Jawbone to work again.

Happy picture taking!

Lets sit and talk

I want to say thank you to all of you who came in and read about my friend DON.
Sometimes we just need to sit with someone over a cup of something and just talk, laugh and enjoy a cup of friendship.
As you can see I brought out a few of my favorites here, along with a few things to mix up.
Pick a cup and lets sit and talk.
My kitchen is small well, maybe smaller then that but, it does the job of many things.

I'm such a blog hopper, bloggers all over have so many things that they do but, you really can't sit down with them and really get to enjoy them but,  I'm really good at copying what they have posted..hahaaha!

Someone suggested having a cup of coffee post. I'm not sure how they would do it but, sounds like fun.

Come sit with me and lets laugh. If you knew me in person you would know that I have a bold laugh, some might say a little loud.  SO bring on you laugh, I really need a happy cup of something!

Can I do this one sided chit chat?  Yes I can. 
When you come to my house its like walking into comfort. No shoes required, sit where you want. Trust me this place is so small, the kitchen table and the front living room are all in one. Thirteen steps gets you into the living room, through the kitchen and out the back door. Don't notice that I haven't put anything on the walls. See I wasn't really thinking about staying to long here and now after 3 years I'm ready to pack it up and leave this dumpster. I always say I have to walk outside to change my mind and that's how small it is around here. But, I do have a bath room that the hot water is amazing in the morning. Maybe that's why I stay.  Its not the neighbors that for sure. How many druggies can one street have. My house is the clean and sober one.
Other then my daughter, I haven't sat with any one over a cup of anything in a very long time. Some might say I need to get out more. Yes I probably do but, reading others blogs makes me feel like I have a few fun friends and I'm doing ok with that for now. No lets not start with "you need to find a nice man". I talk to men at work and well, lets just leave it at that. Reading others  blogs is more fun. I find myself going to fun places and flying in small that's really fun, I don't get sick!
Listen to the quietness of this house. I can tell you its either a Tuesday or Thursday and its between can I tell.  I have two that go to night college and one who works second shift. This is my alone time and I'm struggling to enjoy it. 
Yes that is a new scale. I'm going to try and lose some of this unwanted junk in my trunk. My son "Special K" says I can't lose the amount I'm want too in the next 12 months..Oh really I said. He said I'm to old to lose and be that little again. Well, we will just see about that my child.
I love this kitchen table. I always try to make it have a theme each month. A lot of time's I put the same stuff out but it makes me happy. I love to look through the front window and see my treasures
This table has heard a lot of things..and if these walls could talk..what a story that would be.
When I pick up Princess P tonight we are going to the food trucks.  There are so many of them its like a party in the parking lot. We have never gone, don't know what we will eat but, I'm hoping to take some great pictures.
I'm glad we had this time together. This was fun and we need to do it more often.
Next time lets make a card and send it to a friend and see how happy it makes them feel to get something in the mail.
Cheers to a fun time.
Hugs and Smiles always..

Monday, October 19, 2015

My heart is sad

On October 15, the world lost a great man, my better then a brother, better then an uncle, our friend for life, DON.
He has been in my life since the day I was born. Our fathers where friends from the start, his parents became my God parents. All through the years of my life he has been there for me with all the things I did right and with all the things I really did wrong. He never put me down for any of it.  He hugged me and loved me like I was his little sister. We laughed together and had those long talks that made me know..I had him on my side for life. 
He loved my kids like they were his own. Each one of them always got to spend time with him, from fishing, to cooking, to learning about guns and we won't forget how he taught us all how to fold a perfect bath towel. 
No family is complete without the love of that one special family member, who you know, you can turn to in your happy times and sad times, that member was our DON.
He loved us all equally, he was there when we were born to when we graduated from school. Miles never stopped him from being by our side.
Sadness has taken us to our knees this week. Tears have filled our faces. Memories and stories have been told about times with him that we will never forget.
I truly do not know how to say how I'm feeling other then empty. I am lost for words. This will take a lot of time to heal my heart from losing my greatest life supporter.
This picture shows how happy he was to see his favorite little girl graduate. This is the image I want to remember of him.  The happy man who loved life, put is life on the line for his country, was a great family man and let's not forget his courage at teaching my kids how to
I didn't say good bye to him because we always said "I love you".
My heart is sad, not only for me but, for my kids who miss him so much too.
Our lives are better because he touched our heart and our souls.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Time to set some GOALS

Happy Monday!
I took the day off because we were only working 8 hrs. today and since I have 5 days of vacations, I decided that I could take the day off and save my gas. I texted my partner at work that I was going to stay home because I had a hang over and she laughed. Knowing that I don't drink and I've been talking about taking a day off because I am tired of things around me.
With that I have decided to set some goals.

Goals...that word alone hurts!
Where do I start with a goal?
I have stopped being a great house cleaner due to the fact, I hate this house!
I guess I need to find some fun and get into the living again.
With that lets sit and think about "GOALS"
What are Mondays like?
I'm tried, unorganized. 
Then Tuesdays through Saturdays look like what? EEh...?
Lets be honest with ourselves here.
What do you want to see be better? Take three things that can be finished within a week of time.
1) clean off computer desk
2) make halloween cards
3) be honest with your self!!

Next Monday come back and show progress!

Sometimes the truth really hurts, I'm going to get better at this.
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October the of those dates

I have one of those wonderful friends who knows your secrets but, still stays around after all these years.  That would be my friend Gail.
We met in high school, due to her brother, and became friends even thou we didn't have any classes together. Like high school friend seem to do we gave each other nick names and she became Brandi and I became Buddie.  Some how they seem to fit us.
WE use to write fun letters to each other every day and pass them when we saw each other. I kept those letters for many years after we graduated.  It was sad to say good bye to a fun time in my life.
We moved on in our life. She good married and sadly moved to Texas, where I got to take a vacation and have holidays with her made family. Those were the good old days. 
Long ago I picked a date and things didn't work out for me on that day, my friend Brandi always calls me or now text me on that day. It's like getting a warm hug from her every year. 
Today I thought about her and thought that I would text her first, but like every year she beat me to it again. Somehow her text turned out to be three words then another text of three words. It was like her cell phone didn't want me to see what she had to say to me. 
So I decided to sit and write her a letter.  It took me 24 minutes.  I wrote five pages, something I would have done 38 yrs. ago. This time, I didn't reread it because I would have tossed it out and not sent it.  I have this way of being me that I just don't want anyone seeing my sadness. This letter told a lot about the sadness that I have been hiding from her.
We just haven't talked in so long I just didn't want her to see my tears.  But, on this date so long ago she really saw my tears and today I have different tears and I figured, why not just go for it and send it.
Thanks Brandi for always being my friend. I'm sending you my favorite card.
Cheers to the best friendship a girl could have ever found in LaPalma, guess you don't call that home any more.  Somehow when someone asks me where I'm from I find myself saying, from a little town that has changed so much with so many palm tree's.
I hope you find time to sit and write me back.
Until next year on October 10, 
I miss you
Big Hugs
Always, Buddie

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday Nick

I put together some of my favorite candy and four bags of chip for this fun gift.
I started with a square foam block, I taped the chips to it and then put the candy on sticks.
I'm calling this the front of it.
Somehow I like this side better. 
I put a Twix sideways to cover up the hole.
This was fun and really easy.
It's about a $7 gift, not bad.

Nick is worth so much more. He does so much at work that is so unnoticed that it makes me mad.
He is very quiet and extremely polite, when you get him to smile you finally get to see that he is a lot of fun. Gotta love a guy with a great smile!

Somehow the computer decided to work.It's almost like a ghost got on and took all of the energy out of it.
This house is so odd and now my internet is a mess.

When things don't work...go to the library!

Yes that is where I will go to put things on here until my computer gets fixed.
Maybe in a few days things will look brighter. But, until then....
I hope all is good in your world.
Smile..even when it hurts! It hurts today :(

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October

Hello October.
It is still hot here in Sunny Southern California.
I found this leaf on a step while walking out of my favorite hiding place.
I wonder how far it flew? 
Its the season for these beautiful orange flowers.
They are everywhere. I just wish I could draw these. I do have a stamp like them and can never make them look this amazing.

Life is always better when the computer works.
It Thursday and that means I have had a few hours alone. 

I'm learning to do things that make me have a secret...sshhh..I will tell you later.
Have you ever had a secret, you know what I mean...on of Those secrets we keep...I have a new secret place.  I can write, play with others that enjoy my same fun and it all starts with Myra. Can you guess what I'm talking about?