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Monday, October 12, 2015

Time to set some GOALS

Happy Monday!
I took the day off because we were only working 8 hrs. today and since I have 5 days of vacations, I decided that I could take the day off and save my gas. I texted my partner at work that I was going to stay home because I had a hang over and she laughed. Knowing that I don't drink and I've been talking about taking a day off because I am tired of things around me.
With that I have decided to set some goals.

Goals...that word alone hurts!
Where do I start with a goal?
I have stopped being a great house cleaner due to the fact, I hate this house!
I guess I need to find some fun and get into the living again.
With that lets sit and think about "GOALS"
What are Mondays like?
I'm tried, unorganized. 
Then Tuesdays through Saturdays look like what? EEh...?
Lets be honest with ourselves here.
What do you want to see be better? Take three things that can be finished within a week of time.
1) clean off computer desk
2) make halloween cards
3) be honest with your self!!

Next Monday come back and show progress!

Sometimes the truth really hurts, I'm going to get better at this.
Have a great day!

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