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Saturday, October 10, 2015

October the of those dates

I have one of those wonderful friends who knows your secrets but, still stays around after all these years.  That would be my friend Gail.
We met in high school, due to her brother, and became friends even thou we didn't have any classes together. Like high school friend seem to do we gave each other nick names and she became Brandi and I became Buddie.  Some how they seem to fit us.
WE use to write fun letters to each other every day and pass them when we saw each other. I kept those letters for many years after we graduated.  It was sad to say good bye to a fun time in my life.
We moved on in our life. She good married and sadly moved to Texas, where I got to take a vacation and have holidays with her made family. Those were the good old days. 
Long ago I picked a date and things didn't work out for me on that day, my friend Brandi always calls me or now text me on that day. It's like getting a warm hug from her every year. 
Today I thought about her and thought that I would text her first, but like every year she beat me to it again. Somehow her text turned out to be three words then another text of three words. It was like her cell phone didn't want me to see what she had to say to me. 
So I decided to sit and write her a letter.  It took me 24 minutes.  I wrote five pages, something I would have done 38 yrs. ago. This time, I didn't reread it because I would have tossed it out and not sent it.  I have this way of being me that I just don't want anyone seeing my sadness. This letter told a lot about the sadness that I have been hiding from her.
We just haven't talked in so long I just didn't want her to see my tears.  But, on this date so long ago she really saw my tears and today I have different tears and I figured, why not just go for it and send it.
Thanks Brandi for always being my friend. I'm sending you my favorite card.
Cheers to the best friendship a girl could have ever found in LaPalma, guess you don't call that home any more.  Somehow when someone asks me where I'm from I find myself saying, from a little town that has changed so much with so many palm tree's.
I hope you find time to sit and write me back.
Until next year on October 10, 
I miss you
Big Hugs
Always, Buddie

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