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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Reading the money's tricky when it's so much!

 Sometimes we over look things and then you notice something that just isn't correct.
When reading the amount of money it always goes three numbers then a ,  I'm thinking someone doesn't know about money but they have a job making a sign.

 I'm always excited to see someone win at this store. It's a new store in a odd spot.
When someone won big with the Power Ball lotto, it became very busy.
The morning radio station I listen too, talked about, who was this winner at this store. They wanted to become their friend!
Then it happen again. You could see the change in the store. Always a line and right when you come in the door there is a lottery stand so you can fill out the paper to buy a ticket.

Oh thank heaven for Seven Eleven, has been the store slogan for many years. 
Most stores look the same. It's known for slurpee's, hot dogs rolling on a hot machine for hours..haha..
This store is located at the corner of Lincoln and Denny, in the city of Cypress. Across the street from Forest Lawn Cemetery.
Does anyone care that the sign is wrong?
Apparently not  the owner, or the one who buys the sign for this store.  Could it be because their first language isn't English.

Always looking for a good laugh!

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