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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lets sit and talk

I want to say thank you to all of you who came in and read about my friend DON.
Sometimes we just need to sit with someone over a cup of something and just talk, laugh and enjoy a cup of friendship.
As you can see I brought out a few of my favorites here, along with a few things to mix up.
Pick a cup and lets sit and talk.
My kitchen is small well, maybe smaller then that but, it does the job of many things.

I'm such a blog hopper, bloggers all over have so many things that they do but, you really can't sit down with them and really get to enjoy them but,  I'm really good at copying what they have posted..hahaaha!

Someone suggested having a cup of coffee post. I'm not sure how they would do it but, sounds like fun.

Come sit with me and lets laugh. If you knew me in person you would know that I have a bold laugh, some might say a little loud.  SO bring on you laugh, I really need a happy cup of something!

Can I do this one sided chit chat?  Yes I can. 
When you come to my house its like walking into comfort. No shoes required, sit where you want. Trust me this place is so small, the kitchen table and the front living room are all in one. Thirteen steps gets you into the living room, through the kitchen and out the back door. Don't notice that I haven't put anything on the walls. See I wasn't really thinking about staying to long here and now after 3 years I'm ready to pack it up and leave this dumpster. I always say I have to walk outside to change my mind and that's how small it is around here. But, I do have a bath room that the hot water is amazing in the morning. Maybe that's why I stay.  Its not the neighbors that for sure. How many druggies can one street have. My house is the clean and sober one.
Other then my daughter, I haven't sat with any one over a cup of anything in a very long time. Some might say I need to get out more. Yes I probably do but, reading others blogs makes me feel like I have a few fun friends and I'm doing ok with that for now. No lets not start with "you need to find a nice man". I talk to men at work and well, lets just leave it at that. Reading others  blogs is more fun. I find myself going to fun places and flying in small that's really fun, I don't get sick!
Listen to the quietness of this house. I can tell you its either a Tuesday or Thursday and its between can I tell.  I have two that go to night college and one who works second shift. This is my alone time and I'm struggling to enjoy it. 
Yes that is a new scale. I'm going to try and lose some of this unwanted junk in my trunk. My son "Special K" says I can't lose the amount I'm want too in the next 12 months..Oh really I said. He said I'm to old to lose and be that little again. Well, we will just see about that my child.
I love this kitchen table. I always try to make it have a theme each month. A lot of time's I put the same stuff out but it makes me happy. I love to look through the front window and see my treasures
This table has heard a lot of things..and if these walls could talk..what a story that would be.
When I pick up Princess P tonight we are going to the food trucks.  There are so many of them its like a party in the parking lot. We have never gone, don't know what we will eat but, I'm hoping to take some great pictures.
I'm glad we had this time together. This was fun and we need to do it more often.
Next time lets make a card and send it to a friend and see how happy it makes them feel to get something in the mail.
Cheers to a fun time.
Hugs and Smiles always..

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