Through Myra's Eyes

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A few of my Photo a day pictures!

12/30: US
I love tripping over my kids!
The heart in the middle is for my daughter who doesn't live with us. 
12/29: I need less of this..
Words with friends!  I am so bad at this game but I have the best time playing with my friend Robert, we have been friends since we were in high school.  I dated he's friend and we decided to remain friends.
I had alot of "likes" on this one with my photo group, and now I have two new friends to play this game excited! 
 12/28: Book
These are year books. My Dad's is open, from 1940 he is the guy top my Daddy..can you tell I was a "Daddy's" girl!!
The one on the left is my daughter's from this year the school celebrated 50 years! Go Irish.
My book is on the bottom..same school like three of my kids.
The blue on is my oldest son, he graduated from another high school and was a track proud!
This is at the food store as you walk in. It's made of Spirte and Coke 12 pks. They make one every them 
12/24: Color
My daughter has a few artist in her life and they made me a calender and this is the month of rainbows! 
12/25: Celebration
My daughter Princess P made this for her sister Queenie..Love the sister love!
This has to be the best event that happen in 2014. 
This is a sea gull..not a nice bird at all but fun to watch fly!
They make their homes by water. 
12/21: This is interesting
I found this in Vegas, love the color and those eyes are amazing! 
12/22: Tis the season..
Look carefully at this..its a cake! Found it in Vegas..there were more amazing cakes that I would love to learn how to make, and the candy was the same.

I have had the best time learning how to use this red camera of mine. These pictures are just a few of my happiness. I really need to get the dvd out to learn how to really work this camera.
The next pictures are Jan.1..SKY  Jan.2..Something yellow  Jan today..Jan 4..I hear.
We might have rain on the first so it might be a little black and white. I cant wait for the 4, up on the corner is a clock that I hear on the hour so I can't wait to share that picture..I will get my walk in and my picture..score!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Martha White's Pumpkin Spice muffin mix...yummy

Yumm Yumm...This was something I found on a displace for the holiday baking.
Its really good, it has a mild spice taste that isn't to strong.
I'm going to have to see if it's something the store will keep around.
It only took 3/4 cup of milk and I didn't make it into muffins so it took a few extra minutes to bake.
It's a keeper!

I'm off for another week and getting some much needed sleep along with getting things done around here.
I love having a clean house with enough time to cook something good and then clean up my mess.
The kids and I played a new game and somehow I won three times in a row and they didn't want me to play any more.  Funny how now that they are older I get to try and win now.  They don't seem to like
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Love this tree made from Sprite & Coke 12 packs at the food store.  When I first saw this I knew I needed to take a picture.
So I said to Princess P that I need to go to the store. When all I did was take a picture she said "We only came here to do that?"
Yes that is all, disappointment filled her whole space..hahahaha.
 I made these cards and like me, haven't sent them.  Just to busy with 12 hr. days at work.
So I gave one to my friend next door and one I will send to Madison, she is the reason why I made them.
I got a napkin,put embossing ink on it then dusted it with clear embossing powder, heat it, then inked it again and dusted it with sparkle embossing powder and heated it. Forgot I double face taped it on a piece of card stock first.  I like it but, it was a bit messy.
My little tree, it's on a end table so it looks
We had a small xmas but nice. We had breakfast with our friends next door, we kindda made them family since I only have my kids and their kids do come out to see them alot but this day they were staying close to home and will be around Saturday.So we invaded their home, they love us!

I am trying to do a Photo a day..every day there is a theme, I have done pretty good.  I also joined a group on Facebook, they are so amazing.  The best part they put "like" on my photo's and it makes me feel so good! I am learning so much about taking pictures from them, it has really opened up my eyes to what to look for and remember what is on the list for days to come to have better ideas...did that make any sense??
I'm so glad this day is over, not my favorite holiday. In six months I will need to have a few things done..lets hope for the best!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I got Christmas cards..time for me to make some

Teal and Gold
My friend Madison made this for me.  She asked what color's I would like and look how beautiful it turned out.
She is amazing! I really miss writing to her, we have the best laughs.  Now I owe her one that is green, that's what she asked for.  It's kinda a game. 
I love this one, it stands up.  Its from my friend Diane.  She has a card group and make beautiful cards.
I owe her a really nice card.  Even when I don't have time to make a card she still sends me one almost every month, now thats a friend.

Both cards are winners.  I'm so lucky to have friends like these two.  Both of them have been my pen pal's since 2007.  Hard to believe how a section in a magazine called "pen pal's" can help me find fun friends and learn alot from all of them.

I have worked 11 days in a row again and this week I have worked 12 hour days starting at 3 am.  It's been hard but I have a new table partner who keeps me laughing, so its all worth it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did you enter day 2 of Oprah's give-o-way?

Another year of Oprah's 12 day give-o-way!
She is giving away a really nice picture frame.  Its from Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art, starting at $42.  I'm going to try and make my own since it will take a miracle for me to win this contest.  She is also giving away some really nice ballpoint pens, they are $36 by katespade.  This is all on page 64 of her Dec. 2014 issue.
There is also a Electra bike, so cool.  I have one that is purple and I don't get on it, so what would I do with a new one? I would love to get the stoneware. These gifts are on page 68.

I always love to read "The Question" (page 20). This month she asked, what's the most special gift you've ever received?
Like always I would say "my kids", don't know what life would be like not being a mom, I always wanted it and was lucky enough to have four of the most amazing kids, I'm very lucky!! Would a trophy be a gift?  In 1982 I ran for my city Miss LaPalma pageant, it was a lot of fun and I learned a dance with the other girls, recited a speech telling my parent how thankful I was that I had them in my life and how much fun I always had playing golf with my dad, I wore a purple dress for the evening gown part (that was my favorite part). In the end I didn't win but had a fun time and got a trophy that I was so proud to receive. 
Maybe I should say my special gift would be to be strong inside and know how to keep my head up in good times and in hard. The small things in life are always the best gifts ever, nail polish and sun glasses are also a great
Every time I get into the shower I think of that as a gift to my self.
I read somewhere that you should give yourself a gift daily. It could be to have a clean house or taking time to put on your make up. 
What would your gift be to yourself today??  
Mine will be to get to bed early.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Where did we go for Thanksgiving weekend..LV

We made it a fun short vacation!
This is a famous street with lots to do.

Can you tell where we stayed?
We had the best room with a view of the new ride called "High Roller".
We walked around the outside of here and saw koi fish that were so big.
A Micheal Jackson slot.
We lost a few dollar's but so fun.
This is her favorite guy..yes she knows hes dead. 
We saw the outside show of a lights and water.
It was really beautiful.  
The whole area is ready for Xmas. 
This is at the "Aria", a place we said we should stay at next time.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Sometime's I'm not the sharpest tool in the box and I have prove this one more time.
Yesterday I worked 11 hrs. came home and thought I will just take a short nap..hahaha
I do remember my daughter saying our favorite show will be on in ten minutes.
So at 2am like always I woke up and realized the turkey is still in the freezer. Great
I hope putting it out now will help it to be less frozen.  Well, its not like I'm having company, it's just my kids and they are use to my not so all the time good cooking.
Now that it is 3:30 in the morning and I'm ready for the day and everyone is sleeping, I guess I will go back to sleep but, this time without my work clothes on and I will brush my
Thanksgiving..what does it mean to me?
I really would rather be gone somewhere. But its a great day to catch up on sleep and good laughs with my kids. But on Friday..will that's a secret that has been in the planning stage since last Sunday when I was out having lunch with the oldest and the youngest, we decide to go take a road trip.  We are going to Vegas!  I haven't been there for 20 years.  The two of them were in shock when I said lets go. The middle ones wont be around so I won't have mom guilt. 
So I'm going to get things together today and work like a crazy women to get this house all clean, because you never leave your house a mess when taking off for a trip...what if I don't make it back, wouldn't want anyone to know that I have a load of wash or a floor that wasn't many voices in my head.
Then I work on Sunday....but my new partner (at work) are really doing good.  He makes me laugh and he's starting to understand that working hard is what this job is all about.
Eat well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's been a year

Hard to believe it's been a whole year since I started this blog.  I remember having the hardest time trying to get it to work.  Now I am so busy working and never time to get here. 
But, I have learned so much. I have learned a lot about myself, shared alot of things I wouldn't have shared without this.  I learned more about journaling, how I have a sewing machine that is still where I put it in June, I still have things to clean or fix and that I need to give my self a gift, a gift of time to complete what really matters to me.
I have learned from others blog, the things they take pictures of and what they collect or cook. It's like opening the door to a new friends house.
I have found that there are others out there that come and see what I have made, even someone I work with has stopped in, she told me. So to all that have come by, I want to thank you. The next twelve months will get even better..even if I work 34 days in a row.
Happy Thanksgiving.
What am I thankful for...the time I have to create.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hi again! a few things that happened while I went to work

We had one of those moon passes over the sun things.  I took this at 4 am when I was leaving for work. 
This is in the parking lot of where I work..45 mins later.  It really went quick. 
Halloween showed up on a Friday so my pumpkin master did this..looks so cute. With the warm weather we have in CA it didn't last to long. 
She made this on too.  So cute to drive up to the house and be welcomed by some art. 
I love them together! 
The candy I handed out to about 12 kids.  I don't live in the greatest neighborhood as you can tell. 
So there was more for me to eat! 
Baby girl was a little bored on day and found the box of chalk.
I use to do this as a kid too.
Always wrote my name I guess I wanted everyone to know where I was...hahaha 
She makes pretty flowers, guess she gets it from me..haa hahh
This is her master piece.  All through high school I could always find this guy in her scraps of notes. Gotta love the "ears", I never knew he had a name.
When the owner of this house doesn't pay the water bill, I don't water the lawn so this is what it looks like. Everyone parks in front of my home, don't know where they go but, they always park here.
It looks like I always have company. 
This is the street, the house next door it the prettiest one on the street.  They had a fire so they rebuild it and made it so beautiful. He drives a "Z" because he doesn't have to pay child support any thats the child support car...hahahaha. Some guys say the oddest things about being a father, but his wife is the greatest friend to have, if it wasn't for her being so nice I think I would move. 
Look what I bough for me self!!!
Now I just have to put them on me feet and go for a walk.
I started walking at first break at work, thats 7 am. Its not so bad, I just miss listening to my radio show for 15 mins, they make me laugh.

Thats about sums up what I have been doing.
I worked 34 days straight and today is my day off. It didn't give me much time to do much.  Now that November starts with "no" maybe I should say NO.

I started this blog the weekend of Thanksgiving last year..A year goes by so fast.  You have learned that I don't follow through with things for me, I work a lot of over time, I still haven't  gotten the hang of my camera, my kids are the only thing that matters in my world, I have a lot of dead ppl in my life, I have one good friend that lives next door, I still haven't done one new thing a week, but, I still smile and check out others blogs to get ideas on what to do in my life, I have taken a journaling class on line and did o.k., now I need to pull out that sewing machine and make a few things that caught my eye, baby girl and I went a few fun places, so it's been a pretty good's crazy how all of my kids are out of high!
The next 12 months I will try to do better.
Thanks for always stopping by, even if I haven't been around.
Keep smiling, you aren't fully dressed without it!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just a little busy

Hello my blog.  I feel like the worst friend who hasn't stopped by to say HI!.
Well, I have been lucky enough to be working. Today was my 24 day in a row and I worked another 10 hours's. Yes, I am behind at everything, but I will work on Saturday and then take Sunday off to catch up.  You are probably thinking just like me, will my check be worth it?  Well, any extra cash is so welcomed. I can't wait to sit and make a card or do something in my journal book, maybe bake something, I have a new plant and I am hoping it will bloom so I can show you.
Halloween isn't as much fun with grown kids, and I live on a street where last year I only had about five kids.  I'm thinking about going to a friends house to hand out candy with her.
I had nine people stop by this blog yesterday and nothing was new so I feel really bad.  Thanks for stopping by I will get back to doing something to post.
I was reading about blogs and they are "web logs", so that is what I'm doing!hahahaha.
Time changes on Sunday so that is "fall back" I guess I have no excuse not to sit and do something.

Question of the day, If you could go to dinner with any 2 people who would they be?
You must use full sentences and more then five complete thoughts. This is what I found on a blog, now this is some homework.

Have a great week, I will be back with something fun to share.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Learning about circles with Alisa

I found this blog called Alisaburke.
You know me always looking for something fun and different to do.
So you start with a circle and magic will happen! 
Then you add circles around the circles.
I really lost myself in this.
Even with the washer going I was in a zone. 
Then I tried to make this amazing flower with a leaf.
I hope with some color it will pop.
The bottom is learning some new type of doodling I guess you call it.  I like it. 
I had to put a little personality into the top of the page.
Like in school, I could never just write my name in the top right corner with the date, it always needed a little

Now after I get my life chores done I will sit and color this in...the skies the limit!
Can you feel my excitement!!!
 Have a fun Sunday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's October already

Rabbit Rabbit
Not sure how that is to be good luck but I will take it!
What can I do this month for a challenge??
Since last month I failed at the photo taking.
I did so so on the journaling book
and how many post did I do last month...not enough
So let's not beat myself up and lets move on and move on strong.

I have a few ideas for cards and I have a storage unit that I have a big idea to make a spot in it for a craft table.  I also want to find a way to save enough money this month to move out of this sad place I call shelter. I get three pay checks this month so maybe I can do this.  When you want something bad enough you know how we can make it happen.  I just need some happiness in my life.  I feel like someone died in my life. You know that numb feeling when you have returned from a funeral, I have been feeling this way for two weeks maybe more now and I truly want it to go away. I didn't want this month to start out as a downer but sometimes you just need to let it out, this is it and I will be finding my happiness this month.

Keep smiling and make it a great month,
If you have any suggestions for me please let me know....that is if anyone is out there.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's a Oct. 2 birthday card

This was so fun to make.  Like always I found it on you tube.
Cut a 5 x 12 piece of card stock.  Score 2 1/2" mark on the 5" side then put that mark in the groove of your cutter and the other corner at the other end of the cutting groove and it make this perfect slant. Then score at 4" & 8" and fold.

My cousin birthday is Oct. 2.  My mother always sent her a card every year on time.  Since my has been gone I have tried so hard to send her a card and most years it is always late.
But, I got my crafting groove on today. 
 This was easy, the banner is a sticker, along with the circles and the 2.  Making it easy!
I cut out the paper for the cup cake.
Its not my favorite look, it looks a little artsy for her but its cute all the same. 
I worked on this on to make the paper say all the right things in all the right spots..the things we do...crazy.  But, it did turn out the way I wanted.

I made something like this before but taller.
I found a few other things I want to try.  I took the day off and did things for me along with wash and making breakfast lunch and soon dinner!!
So happy to have this day off.  It will hurt my budget but some times you just have to go for it.

I didn't do to good on the Photo a Day project.  I really need to get out the direction for the camera and maybe the pictures will turn out better for me.
It's already another month gone by.  I'm going to get a few things done this month that make me happy.  I already started today by taking the day off.  I have some sleep in me and more then a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..those are really getting old.
Keep smiling. It takes time to grow an amazing friend like you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Concertina Fold birthday card

Just a little something I found to make a birthday card just a little different.
This wasn't that hard to make.
12 X 12 card stock cut into three pieces. Cut at 4" then score at 21/2, 5, 71/2 & 10. Then one of the stripes cut it at the 10" line.
You now have two 4 X 12 and one 4" X 10.
Make mounthains and valley and put them together in a long line. 
I cut out a Martha S. punch and put it on the front & back too.
I should have matted this first page and second pages..oops!
I love how I put 22 with rhinestones, love the look.

I started with the "A", really didn't know where I was going with this project. How do you make this cute little book look good for someone who is 22.
She loves purple and orange so that was a must have.
The sunglasses are so her along with the sandals.
The orange rhinestones might be a little to much but that is how I went.
This is where I got stuck with an idea.
The one candle looks out of place but it needed a birthday page I thought.
I love the "X" with the one rose.

These are my favorite two panels.
The "I" is a little lost in with the butterflies but, I loved it.
The "S", what can I say, love the fuzzy flowers.

This page was a work of love, that is all I'm going to say.
You know those art pieces that you think are going to work out and then they stick to your finger, then to the table. And when you get it the way you think you like it, it looks slanted, or just a little off.
I worked to make the date around the presents, I guess it's okay.
Love the back page with the birthday punch. I'm going to play with it some more to master that punch.

All so pretty.
When you give a girl a pretty name you must do it right.
I named both of my daughters the right names.  I made the best choice and I have fun making things to see those letters come to life, just like them.
This daughter is full of fun and speaks her mind, stepping on feeling isn't what she worries about.
Gotta love a red head!!
This is how it looks all folded up.
You can see the size better and my wood floor and the sofa..haha..really need to work on where to take pictures.

This was a fun project.
I can see myself making more and then making then more of a photo album.

I talked to my daughter and she loved it, that always makes you feel good.

All this from "You Tube", from the crafty Owl UK.  She's amazing.