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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did you enter day 2 of Oprah's give-o-way?

Another year of Oprah's 12 day give-o-way!
She is giving away a really nice picture frame.  Its from Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art, starting at $42.  I'm going to try and make my own since it will take a miracle for me to win this contest.  She is also giving away some really nice ballpoint pens, they are $36 by katespade.  This is all on page 64 of her Dec. 2014 issue.
There is also a Electra bike, so cool.  I have one that is purple and I don't get on it, so what would I do with a new one? I would love to get the stoneware. These gifts are on page 68.

I always love to read "The Question" (page 20). This month she asked, what's the most special gift you've ever received?
Like always I would say "my kids", don't know what life would be like not being a mom, I always wanted it and was lucky enough to have four of the most amazing kids, I'm very lucky!! Would a trophy be a gift?  In 1982 I ran for my city Miss LaPalma pageant, it was a lot of fun and I learned a dance with the other girls, recited a speech telling my parent how thankful I was that I had them in my life and how much fun I always had playing golf with my dad, I wore a purple dress for the evening gown part (that was my favorite part). In the end I didn't win but had a fun time and got a trophy that I was so proud to receive. 
Maybe I should say my special gift would be to be strong inside and know how to keep my head up in good times and in hard. The small things in life are always the best gifts ever, nail polish and sun glasses are also a great
Every time I get into the shower I think of that as a gift to my self.
I read somewhere that you should give yourself a gift daily. It could be to have a clean house or taking time to put on your make up. 
What would your gift be to yourself today??  
Mine will be to get to bed early.

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