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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Love this tree made from Sprite & Coke 12 packs at the food store.  When I first saw this I knew I needed to take a picture.
So I said to Princess P that I need to go to the store. When all I did was take a picture she said "We only came here to do that?"
Yes that is all, disappointment filled her whole space..hahahaha.
 I made these cards and like me, haven't sent them.  Just to busy with 12 hr. days at work.
So I gave one to my friend next door and one I will send to Madison, she is the reason why I made them.
I got a napkin,put embossing ink on it then dusted it with clear embossing powder, heat it, then inked it again and dusted it with sparkle embossing powder and heated it. Forgot I double face taped it on a piece of card stock first.  I like it but, it was a bit messy.
My little tree, it's on a end table so it looks
We had a small xmas but nice. We had breakfast with our friends next door, we kindda made them family since I only have my kids and their kids do come out to see them alot but this day they were staying close to home and will be around Saturday.So we invaded their home, they love us!

I am trying to do a Photo a day..every day there is a theme, I have done pretty good.  I also joined a group on Facebook, they are so amazing.  The best part they put "like" on my photo's and it makes me feel so good! I am learning so much about taking pictures from them, it has really opened up my eyes to what to look for and remember what is on the list for days to come to have better ideas...did that make any sense??
I'm so glad this day is over, not my favorite holiday. In six months I will need to have a few things done..lets hope for the best!

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