Through Myra's Eyes

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Hello Saturday!
Now that yesterdays holiday is over, lets enjoy the weekend again..shall we.
Nothing like getting up when your body says..hey the sun is bright..let's get up.
It's looking like a great day today.
I'm seriously thinking about going for a walk by myself.
I guess it's because I'm sitting here in front of an empty bowl of Life cereal.  What a great start of my day.
I'm going to get off to a great start today and go do it on my own.
As you can see I was reading someone's blog who was on a "let's do this high".  So maybe that is where I need to be.  Go on an adventure.  It doesn't mean I have to take a plane trip.  Put on my shoes and walk out the front door and explore the things around you.  
So with that advice, I am going to go for a walk to see what is really out there. This town is boring, I know this but maybe I can find something different to see and maybe find it to make me smile!
Happy Saturday..Enjoy.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Photo A Day..Week 52

Have you been taking pictures all year?  Me either.  I started out not so bad but, then something happen along the way to find life and here I am, week 52.
They are going back to a monthly list.  That means you can take a picture early and have it saved and not fall behind like me.
That is how I started.  It was easier.  If I saw a bench that I thought was cool, I knew I needed it later in the list.
I'm looking at this list now and thinking, am I really into this list? NO, not really.  I'm really not into this merry cheery thing at all. Maybe next year, but I said that last year didn't I?
I have gotten three Christmas cards so far in my mail box. Yes, I sent out over 20. That is ok, I did what I said I would do and that was to make cards and send them to be on time and that I finished.
Have a great Sunday and find some cheer.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Three cards in my mail box...27 sent!

 I have received Three Christmas cards.  That's really good for my mail box.
The front one was made by one of my long time pen pals.  She always makes the best cards.
The one in the back is from my bonus daughter..everyone needs one like her, she's the best!
The envelope is from a Jean, she has a blog called Pushing the Envelope..she is amazing.  She wrote she didn't know who would want this envelope so I said I would love it and YES! I got excited.
These are my cards that I sent out.
The one in front is a stamp I got carried away with. So I sent it to one of my friends who stops by this blog to see what I'm up too.
The envelopes in the back have a snowman on them.  I must say I had a lot of fun coloring them in.

Today is my son Drew's 22 birthday.  I made a chocolate cake for him, who knows if he will be around.  The two who I live with said why bother?  Well, that is who I am, I bother with things like birthday cakes.  SO if he doesn't show up I will eat some of it and out in the trash it will go.
Have a great December 19 to you.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Cracker Jack..Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn

Cracker Jack has always been a favorite of mine. I miss the box. I found these and thought I would try them before putting them in those stockings.
Yes I was asked to make stockings this year.  I haven't done this in many years so, I really need to put some thought into this one.
I really liked these a lot. Just the right amount of sugar, sprinkles and that great taste of pop corn.
These are a must try.
I hope you find them in your store.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Oh Christmas Card, La La La

Christmas cards to send to all of those friends who have no idea what I've been up too all year.  I have been missing in life for a while.  
No good excuse  But, I do have a cell phone and I do say hello that way.
But, I got my craft on so now I must send these cards to those who are still talking to me.
I really love this one.
It was so easy to make.
They were cut out on a xmas piece and a tag. 
I'm so lazy, I bought the blank cards with envelopes.
This one is going to Baby Girls new friends family.
That guy I'm not suppose to know is important to her.
This one was a lets try something that looks easy but, it really wasn't.  I feel like it looks like a Charlie Brown tree.  You know that one that should have never been cut this year.

I hope you get your cards out. I'm usually never on time but, it looks like this year will be a big surprise!
Less than two weeks to go.

Friday, December 11, 2015

She always makes me laugh

 It's always fun to see one of my friends who I just love to sit and laugh with, that would be Viennia.
Together we are loud! Laughter starts with the moment we meet and continues to the minute we start the car.
Do we care who is around us? Around us? Oh there are others sitting trying to do their
We find each other in the strangest places, we stand and talk, catch up and hug and go on our way.
Friendship is an amazing gift and she is the best gift ever!

Its so funny how Baby Girl and I were just talking about her yesterday.  We hadn't seen her in such a long time, wondered what she was up too. Then out of no where, there she was!
We shared our lives right out there in the open, yes people where listening and who cares.
She wanted to know why we weren't friends on Face Book.  Oh no thanks. I only play games on that, but thanks for wondering.
I had the best 30 minutes with her.  She always gives the best hugs.
Keep in touch Viennia, I love you.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mega Millions Please

It seems that every December someone wins the Mega Millions.  I would like it to be me this time!
I know we all dream of this happening to us, its like Santa bringing us that favorite gift. 
This would be a gift of all times.
Could you see me with that much money?  Oh I could.  I would do amazing things.  
This would be more then a bucket list.  I have a few people I would love to make one of their dreams come true.
Buying this ticket is all from a conversation I had with Baby Girl.  I said to her, if I win the lottery we can move to PA.  What was I thinking?  Well, I was thinking that she really wants to go to Penn State really bad. The only way I can think of sending her there will be to win the lottery.  
One can only win if they buy a ticket.  SO here is my ticket.  I hope you play this week too and maybe we can win together!
Winning will feel so good.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Gail

Happy Birthday Gail.  I know I am always late at sending a card but, I did make one and sent it yesterday.
About 37 yrs ago I met Gail from her brother, if it wasn't for him we would have never met.
I was that girl who just went to high school, Gail studied hard and had smart friends. Why she kept me around?
It was probably because I made her laugh.
I hope you had a great day, I'm sure KK made you a cake and the boys also did something fun.
Enjoy being 54!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Curtain Call...Oh just kitchen curtains

The smallest kitchen gets new curtains.
I pulled out the sewing machine and got it together today.
I only broke one needle and pulled out 2 inches of work, not bad for someone who hasn't sewn in years.
It really helps this ugly kitchen a lot. 
I love this material, but, you really can't see what it is until you really get up close.
Baby Girl asked if I was going to make different ones next's hope we can move out by then.

My son started talking about the curtains I use to make for the other house, such great memories of a house that is gone.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I can't let's buy them all!

Sometime's picking out polish is a hard thing.
So to make it easier on myself, I got them all.
Then, went to the craft store.  How could I pass up this paper.
Now, I have beautiful nails, with hands that look like I have been working in the fields. A little love to the skin and I will be fixed up in no time.
Happy December 3rd.

These colors are..."leggy legend" #1129 it's this pretty gold color
"with the band" #1132 it's a beautiful red, must have!
"virgin snow" #1135 Haven't put it on yet, maybe a lite blue/purple.
All three are from the 2015 Fall collection.

I know you have heard about the shooting here in California.  I live about 50 miles from it, so I am good.  It has been on the news night and day. I have noticed more police out on the streets while I was out and about today. We also had a police officer shot last week so, that has two cities over in a big sadness too.  
Stay safe and keep smiling.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's starting to look like xmas in my bathroom

A new shower curtain, towels, a candle and a new must be xmas.
I have never made my bathroom look this good.  What got into me?
Well, my God Mother is coming from MN in 14 days, so I decided maybe I should make this small place look better.

Wow, towels too.
I really like them, I'm serious.
I only bought these two, can't get to carried away with this xmas stuff.
My friend Judy gave me this rug as a xmas gift.  She made it. I really got to pick it out.  She had others but, this one caught my eye.
I was going to put it in front of my kitchen sink but, then when I go so involved with this bathroom, I decided to use it.
Isn't this the smallest bathroom you have ever seen. One step back and you are out the door.
I know I should be happy I have a bathroom.

I hope I can get the lines out of this shower curtain.
All this came from Bed Bath and pretty!
Happy December.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Those times when you say, let's go do something

Baby girl has been talking about this place called "HICCUPS".
It's one of those "hipster" kind of places. Where you go dressed up to be seen.
I had a Pure Peach Tea..a little strong on the peach syrup, but not bad.
Baby girl had some strawberry drink with a fancy name, also not bad.
Next time we just might try the food. 
Then we landed in PetSmart.
I always love to stand and watch the fish. I miss having a fish tank.
I now have three fish bowls. I should be happy with what I have and enjoy them.

I love this fish. I would put it in a tall fish tank so I could look up at it every day.
After taking this picture, they told me I couldn't take pictures of their animal's.
Oh so if I pulled out my cell phone I could walk around taking selfies and random odd pictures, but since I took out my NIKON I can't take a picture.
Well, Long Beach Town center PetSmart, I won't be coming back to your store, it's just not friendly to me. And do you treat your pets like you treat your customers? 

Then I walked into Barnes & Noble, and listen to the loop of Christmas music along with some strange cafe music. Not my choice.
Then I found this page of someones journal.
I love what she did with her thoughts. 

Then I came home and made some oat meal cookies just for fun. I love this plate.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Never give up on a house plant

Look what I found on that corner table...surprise!  Never give up on getting that green thumb to work, it's possible.
I was saying last week as I was cleaning, that this plant should be blooming.  I guess I hurt its feelings so it did something.
I know I get excited about the small stuff but, I love the pot I put it in and then I brought it in the house to give that table something more then an empty drinking glass.  You know who I live with!

That whole table next to the favorite chair..gets the most abuse.  Sad but true.  I put that table there to put some personality into this small living space and well, now it has brought me smiles after all. 
Never give up on getting a smile when you least expect it.  
Keep smiling, I just wanna cry today but, head up high, I will get through this, life has been worse and I made it through that disaster.  I'm not sure what I will be calling this one.  I guess when you hurt your parents feelings, your kids pay you back with the same pain.
I should have listen to my mother when I thought she was just talking out of hate.  She was right a lot of the times.
Have a great weekend and I hope you remembered to go do some Small Business Shopping.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank you for a great two years!

Some flowers to say..Thank you to all of you who stop in to see what I'm doing or what I have to say about whats in my life.

I made this vase of flowers for my friend who I will be spending some eat time with today.

Have a great day.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Building Rome..setting some goals

Since Rome wasn't built in a day..I found a blog, where on Sunday you make a list of goal and try to complete them by the next Sunday.
You know me, always up for a challenge and never making it to the end. But, since this is only a week not a month worth, I'm going to give this one my best shot.
I made them easy so maybe I will be able to complete them.

So I started off with a 15 min. walk. That is something I'm really doing good at so, I know this one is possible.
Make 10 Christmas cards, the one on the left is one down and nine more to go.
Some of you know I started a new blog on word press and there is this thing called "link" I really need to figure out how to use that.  Making curtains for my kitchen is something I have wanted to do for months now, I just need to sit and do it.  Make a dentist appt...ouch..but my mouth will thank me.
I will keep you posted on my progress.
I should have put on my list to make a list of things I'm thankful for.
Always thankful for...
Being a has made me a complete person
Being able to cook..the way to someones love is food..or something like that. be able to walk out the door when I need some air is the best feeling. is something that comes easy for me even when others would be crying. is the best feeling ever.
Time..i love to find time to waste, it gets me ready for the busy time.
Being creative..time well spent!

I know there are more but these are the top 7.
Enjoy a short work week.

Lets try something different today

It's that time of year when you go for pumpkin spice something.
I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I'm trying out some Maxwell House International cafe.
I'm not going to say it's a favorite but, maybe give it a try with some creamer.
I got the "Chai" for baby girl.  She loves it. Then I got the variety pack for me..oh so good.

Nothing like a good cup of tea in a flamingo cup. The best part of this picture is, all of this is on the washing machine in my wonderful kitchen.
Gotta love a small kitchen.
Happy drinking! Making it strong.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shame on me

Sometimes a girl just has to get her In-N-Out fix.
This is a number 1 on the menu, also a number one in my likes of hamburgers too!
I know, what happen to that diet. Geez, sometimes a girl just has to cheat.  
I just happen to love to cheat with some good fast food!
Thank You Buena Park In-N-Out for making a great burger and fries.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A good day with friends

Today I went to see my friend Jenny, along with her Mom Judy, Her Dad Johnny and her brother John.
I love how they all start with "J"!!
WE had some really fun laughs and I said, "Hey Jenny, you need to start a blog".
We thought about what to call it and what she would put on it.
Coming up with a name for a blog isn't so easy.
But, together we get some ideas and now we are going to get her a blog started.
When it's all up and going I will let you know, so you can go visit it.
I think I might have got her Mom wanting one too!  Yes, we will have fun.

Just gotta to say..Thank you Jenny for always being my friend and keeping me laughing when I wanted to cry.
Thank you Judy for being that extra hug that I need when all else failed.
I'm so lucky to have friends like you.

I have something new to bake..thank you to Dad Johnny.
It's called Apple Cider Pumpkin Muffins with apple cider glaze.
All it take is a challenge and I'm up and ready to make mine better!!
Yes, it's a challenge...who can make better or him.
He's changing his up and I'm going by what is on the paper.

Tomorrow is baking day and I am up for it!
See you here tomorrow and I will show you what I baked.

Lottery tickets & Candy..what a gift

Another birthday gift, this one is for Maya.
I'm getting better at this fun gift arrangement
I used the instant coffee container with the red top and put foam in it. Then put lottery tickets on sticks and poked in the candy.  I wrapped the container with craft paper and punched out "Happy Birthday" with my Martha Stewart punch, added a ribbon and its beautiful!
A gift under $10..and fun.

Have a great Sunday.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Baking mistake

Lemon Strawberry Pound cake, sounds safe enough for anyone to make.  I guess not in my kitchen.
I put all the ingredients out so beautifully.
I thought I knew what I was doing. 
To zest a lemon, well, I have a cheese grater..I'm working on getting the right tools.
But it looks like it did the job.
I should have turned the plate around, love these plates. 
Mix in three different bowls.
My Mom would have loved to see I'm using her bowls and loaf pan.
Sometimes you are given things that you use everyday but, when they become part of the picture they seem so much more part of your childhood. 
I'm thinking this is where I went wrong. I think I shouldn't have used so many strawberries on top.  I think the heat couldn't get in.  But, the bottom did good. 
Now for the whole truth.
I failed at this one, truly a failure here.
But it was a great day to bake.
When I plated it up I put it on a plate that looks like a sign that says..STAY
I scooped the top off and it was tasty.
You could really taste the lemon. 
So this what we do know
   1) I can stir or mix well.
    2) I have a loaf pan
      3) I have an oven that heats
But, somewhere in between I just need to go easy on those strawberries.

I hope Jodi doesn't laugh to much when she see's that I destroyed one of her easy to make pound cakes.  She makes some really easy cookies, I'm going to try and make those next.
It's funny but, my kids ate this and said, keep the strawberries off next time.
Don't let this stop you from trying it.
Happy baking, :) Myra

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today on the VIEW..YOU can WIN a Louis

I was watching the VIEW this morning, you know that fun show that the women talk about everything.  They  said to like them on "facebook" and you could have a chance to win a bag.
So like a good viewer, I, went and liked them. 
Do you think there are many women who take photos during window shopping of the Louis Vuitton store?
Well, I do. Because I have said for so many years that before I die I would like to have just one bag from this store.
Since my middle name is Louise that is close to Louis. I could see myself carrying one of these fine bags.
If I am not the winner of a beautiful bag the women of the View are giving away, I will still dream and save my money and buy one myself. But, a gift or free is always good.
I can always dream.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Playing with letters

I found these letter while shopping at that craft store. How could I not put them together and make something for her wall.

But lets look at the floor. Ouch!
Those poor feet. Unpolished, unloved and why are they holding on so hard to the floor??
Notice the candy wrapper..hahaha.I need to clean better.

I have had that table cover for such a long time. But, it makes this very small kitchen have some love.

I'm out looking for somewhere else to live..looking for a change...looking for some happiness, that is possible. I think it's been time and why not try now that I have time.

I hope you have a crafty Monday.
I'm off to bake a strawberry pound cake, yum-yum.
Keep on that smile.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Water & Color equals FUN

Remember those days when you saw someones art and you thought, I can do that!
I follow this blog, Jodi does so many things I know I can try to copy some of it but, I haven't had the time due to that thing called a job.
Now I know I failed in that art class I took a long time ago. But, water color looks like something that is fun and with a lot of thought, maybe I could do this.
I will just copy Jodi.
It's Sunday morning, what else do I do when everyone is sleeping...I play!
I got two cups of water, I figured I would mess up one quickly.
Picked a brush, that took some thought. Dipped it into the water and off I went into my new adventure of water color.
The girl at the art store said just play with color's first and drag the brush to see what you come up with. SO that is what I did at the top left.
It's so funny, no matter how old I get I still go for my safe place of flowers, balloons, my name and then I made this fat bird.
Why this fat bird..yes, Jodi made one and I thought, I can copy that.
Not as good as her's but, its my first try at this so I'm pretty happy with it.
It has a personality and I love that eye. A girl has got to have lashes!
That's Sunday.
I'm still good at making balloons.
There's a blog where they paint a bird on the 8th of every month..Looks like I did it!
I just might make this bird into a card.
My far away friend will laugh when she gets it.

Now it's your turn to try something new.  I spent almost $20, it didn't make me fat, it wasn't a loss, it made me sit and think that is for sure.  I'm happy with the end product and that is all that matters.
Thank you Jodi for helping me start something new. It made my day.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A soup mistake

Here is the start of a bowl of soup.
It looks simple and tasty.
All I had to buy was the broth, apple cider, half & half, butternut squash, onion and garlic.
It wasn't to expensive. 
I know, why don't I have a pretty book..well, its just not that important.
I found this on someones blog. 
Cutting this butternut squash wasn't that easy and I got out the big knife.
It smelled really good. 
I really wasn't sure how to cut it into chunks and peel it too. 
This is how it ended up.
That knife is my all time favorite.
It was my mom's and I remember using it as a kid now it's mine for my kitchen. 
I added the cut up onions.
Then put in the olive oil. 
I baked this a little more time, more like 30 minutes.
Looking at it now, I should have just plated this and served it.
But I put it in the blender and added all the ingreds.
It really made a lot, well more then I was expecting. 
This is it.
I can honestly say this is not my favorite soup.
It was like baby food.
Maybe I just don't like pumpkin as much as I thought I did.
The clean up was awful and I won't do this again.
But don't let this disaster stop you from trying something new.
My kids had ideas for this like maybe more butter.
This went down the sink....sorry. But, worth the try

I found this on cincyshopper (.) com   She calls this Copycat Panerna Autumn Squash soup.
I hope you find it and try it too.
Happy cooking!