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Saturday, December 26, 2015


Hello Saturday!
Now that yesterdays holiday is over, lets enjoy the weekend again..shall we.
Nothing like getting up when your body says..hey the sun is bright..let's get up.
It's looking like a great day today.
I'm seriously thinking about going for a walk by myself.
I guess it's because I'm sitting here in front of an empty bowl of Life cereal.  What a great start of my day.
I'm going to get off to a great start today and go do it on my own.
As you can see I was reading someone's blog who was on a "let's do this high".  So maybe that is where I need to be.  Go on an adventure.  It doesn't mean I have to take a plane trip.  Put on my shoes and walk out the front door and explore the things around you.  
So with that advice, I am going to go for a walk to see what is really out there. This town is boring, I know this but maybe I can find something different to see and maybe find it to make me smile!
Happy Saturday..Enjoy.

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