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Thursday, December 3, 2015

I can't let's buy them all!

Sometime's picking out polish is a hard thing.
So to make it easier on myself, I got them all.
Then, went to the craft store.  How could I pass up this paper.
Now, I have beautiful nails, with hands that look like I have been working in the fields. A little love to the skin and I will be fixed up in no time.
Happy December 3rd.

These colors are..."leggy legend" #1129 it's this pretty gold color
"with the band" #1132 it's a beautiful red, must have!
"virgin snow" #1135 Haven't put it on yet, maybe a lite blue/purple.
All three are from the 2015 Fall collection.

I know you have heard about the shooting here in California.  I live about 50 miles from it, so I am good.  It has been on the news night and day. I have noticed more police out on the streets while I was out and about today. We also had a police officer shot last week so, that has two cities over in a big sadness too.  
Stay safe and keep smiling.

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