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Friday, December 11, 2015

She always makes me laugh

 It's always fun to see one of my friends who I just love to sit and laugh with, that would be Viennia.
Together we are loud! Laughter starts with the moment we meet and continues to the minute we start the car.
Do we care who is around us? Around us? Oh there are others sitting trying to do their
We find each other in the strangest places, we stand and talk, catch up and hug and go on our way.
Friendship is an amazing gift and she is the best gift ever!

Its so funny how Baby Girl and I were just talking about her yesterday.  We hadn't seen her in such a long time, wondered what she was up too. Then out of no where, there she was!
We shared our lives right out there in the open, yes people where listening and who cares.
She wanted to know why we weren't friends on Face Book.  Oh no thanks. I only play games on that, but thanks for wondering.
I had the best 30 minutes with her.  She always gives the best hugs.
Keep in touch Viennia, I love you.

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