Through Myra's Eyes

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Time Warner is to SLOW

Some how my internet doesn't want you to see my photo's.

Time Warner is to slow right now. I've gone into the store in Garden Grove, Ca where they must have picked the dumbest of the litter to work at this location. The chick at the end of the counter is loud and very useless, the lady who can't see out of her glasses needs to get a better eye doctor, the guy who wants to be a women wants so hard to be helpful but, the stupid level in that building causes him to stay in his own state of uselessness.

Who knows how long I will continue to give them $80.00 a month for fast I'm showing how stupid I am.

Maybe the heat has gotten to the wires like it has gotten to me.

I will be back when life is faster.

I miss you all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

How easy will this be to do?
Very easy for me!
I love my lipstick, I can rock pink lip stick to the fullest..hahahahaha
You're never fully dressed without your lipstick..just my opinion. Let's wear it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Add More or JAM

This is another one of those ATC JAM's I got in the mail.
It started with a blue card and Lynda put that silver thing in the corner and I had to add something.
I found some pretty paper and started cutting. 
I only had two birds so I did something different on the third card. I think I like this one better. 
All three are done and ready for the mail to another friend who will add something and this will be done.
So the three of us will get one card back.
Wonder if I will get the one without the bird on it back. The first person who started this gets to choose and send it back to me. 
Here's another one.
I'm not sure at all what I will do with this one.
When I get it done they will all look different.
I will take a picture of them and show you.

That's all I have for today. So glad tomorrow is Friday. But, I will work on Saturday too.  SO happy the over time is coming back.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September Eleventh or Nine Eleven

 We are America,
We are Strong,
We are Proud.
We are the Red White & Blue
We are Free.

Sometimes we get to stand next to Our President.
Share the smile of who we are today and remember where we were on Sept. 11, 2011.

Princess P went to her second day of kindergarten and knew nothing of what was happening across the other side of the U.S.A.  She grew up to know how to be everything it means to be an American. It shows in her smile.
America, the land I live on, the place I have grown up to understand so much from those who have lived here long before me. The land I have worked hard to be who I am today, a land where I have raised my children.  I am proud to say, I live in the United States of America.
We are proud of our colors. We make art that shows our loyalty.
Its not just today that we celebrate our lives here, we display our flag in many places.
This is called quilling. Many small pieces of paper make up this flag.
Simply beautiful.
Clothes pins are used to show the flag.

I want to try and make one of these and hang it on my front door.
I love this picture. 
I tried so hard to get the bear in the picture, the bear is part of my home state of California. NO matter what people say about us who live in CA, I'm still proud of this state.
California my home state, born here and not looking to leave.
Angels the baseball team that is in the next city over.
Can't go anywhere without your local A shirt on.
We share our love for gardening in many ways. We work hard in our boots, and play hard and wear a helmet.

American Sweet Hearts.  They brought us so many years of laughter!

A day that is remembered for so many reasons. A day to say I love America.
Good Night Nine Eleven, until next year.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Shopping list or Their Party?

I love to read other peoples shopping list. It's always fun reading to me.
When I found this on the ground I looked at it, then noticed it was on nice paper so I had to pick it up.
I think the "cigerettes" at the bottom really made me stop and think, was it added later by someone other then the shopper?
Then to find it was someones wedding party the day
I guess you would call it recycle?
This party was a lot of miles away from where I found it.
Its next to the town where the Rose Parade is every New Years Day here in Ca.
This made me think of so many things,
Did these people go to this party?
Do they throw out everything? Nothing is worth keeping in their home.
I wonder how the bride would feel to find out that all her hard work with deciding about this invitation, has now ended up in the parking lot of Walmart Neighborhood Market, as a food list!
Annamarie, these were very pretty invites, I hope your marriage last longer then this shopping list. I hope your friends also stop smoking.

I hope all is good with you and this helps you look at your shopping list in a whole different way!
Theodore and Annamarie, happy life together.

Friday, September 4, 2015

This is talking to me

I found this on someones blog. It's really telling me to get back to what I really like to do and that is make cards and send them. I do have postage stamps so I have no excuse.
Being home alone is not my favorite thing to do. 
I can only clean so much and then that really gets old fast.
I know better not to sit down, we know where that gets me..sleeping!
I will get it together and send someone a card.
Will it be you?

Photo A Day Week 37

Another week of pictures. Are you playing?  I'm not doing it so good.
I find these on one of my favorite blogs, I want to do this every week but, I just don't put my red camera in hand and go out taking pictures. 
I need motivation. It's another start of a new month, I really need to get it together.
I have another blog that I go look at almost every day..this guy writes a letter everyday to someone.  That is everyday. along with writing, taking a picture and then blogging.

Where does he get his motivation. I really need his get up and go! He knows who he is and I'm sure he is laughing. Ok I will go into my kitchen and dance. There is something about a kitchen that gives you everything for a good day. If my kitchen could talk it would tell you that great hugs happen, laughter is louder, secrets are shared and food is amazing, singing is questionable and the dancing makes everything better.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh, those flower pot art

I know you have seen these too.
They are so cute, I need to figure out how to make one.
I know nothing about these minon's other then a girl at work is crazy about them.
I guess they all have a name and a big personality.
About 8 flower pot some yellow, blue, white, black and grey paint some sting and it looks like I could make one of these.
I'm going to do this!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Could I write a story about this?

I wrote about finding this wonderful ladies blog a few days ago.  Her name is Priceless Joy and her blog is Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers on word press.
She puts up these amazing pictures that her friends send her and then "you" the writer gets started. It's 150 words of fun.
I can't say I'm a writer but, it is fun to read what her friends have written, and the comments are like a English class.

Let's get started.
Look at this picture, what do you see??
Look closer. Do you see the boots??
I did not see those boots right in front of me. I read someones story and she had written about a ladies husband who left her with these worn out boots.

Before I read other peoples stories, I started on one.  Its about returning every year, young love, warning signs, and his ashes. Then I looked at it and thought, maybe its not really me. So I trashed before one of my kids finds it and thinks its a real story of my life. Then those boots took it to a whole other
I love the picture.  We could make a great story behind it.
If this caught your eye like it did mine, I hope you find the time to write a story.