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Friday, September 4, 2015

Photo A Day Week 37

Another week of pictures. Are you playing?  I'm not doing it so good.
I find these on one of my favorite blogs, I want to do this every week but, I just don't put my red camera in hand and go out taking pictures. 
I need motivation. It's another start of a new month, I really need to get it together.
I have another blog that I go look at almost every day..this guy writes a letter everyday to someone.  That is everyday. along with writing, taking a picture and then blogging.

Where does he get his motivation. I really need his get up and go! He knows who he is and I'm sure he is laughing. Ok I will go into my kitchen and dance. There is something about a kitchen that gives you everything for a good day. If my kitchen could talk it would tell you that great hugs happen, laughter is louder, secrets are shared and food is amazing, singing is questionable and the dancing makes everything better.

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