Through Myra's Eyes

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

520 THAT'S Five hundred and Twenty

YES!!!           520      
I really can't believe it.  520
That is how many people have looked at my blog!
That just makes me so happy.
I started this blog on my Thanksgiving days off from work.  With my three kids laughing at me that I didn't know what I was doing and why would I want a blog.
I want to make cards and do challenges, cook food that I see on other blogs, I want to show my flowers and just write random things.  They didn't think anyone would care.  Now I know 520 people care.
THANK YOU, all 520 of you.   

Vintage Beauties

Excited again. I made this card for ..
The Paper Players Challenge (The Paper Players#180
I made this card out of all my scraps from that little box we all have as a crafter, the go to box when you just know there is something there that will make an amazing card for that moment.
This is an old stamp, but every time I look at it I find another way to make it better. You probably have this stamp.
The tag say's "What would I do without your friendship?"
I punch out one lady with a different punch this time and it looks even better then a circle punch. I couldn't find my edge punch so I just cut the edge with my paper cutter. I guess I have watched to much
A better view of the punch I used.
Funny how scraps can come together and make you feel like you did something amazing. 
This would also be a good card to send to those friends that I have not forgotten but need to say a big "Hello" too.  Sometimes we put that box away and time gets away from us and now here is something so fun to share.  
Like the cards says..."What would I do without your friendship?  
Miss all of my amazing pen pal's!The Paper Players


Do I love this women a little to much?  Of course not silly.  She is in my P.O. Box every month and I am so excited to see her and read, read, and always smile!
Oprah, I hope this day was a day to shine for you. Make the next ten years even better.
When ever your in my neighborhood or the hood, stop by so we can sit and talk, better yet lets go for a walk and have some good laughter.I promise we will walk in the good part of the hood :)
Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One of those days!
I guess getting a little extra sleep has made me a little off but, I'm going to move on to better moments anyways!
I was looking at blogs this morning and came across one that made me stop and think "wow, there are other people out there with all the same issues as me!!"
Found this quote on a card someone made..
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
Maybe that's the issue of this day for me.
So...maybe my To DO List is important???
With a smile on my face , and  the love of who is around me today..I am off to make this day a good one no matter what drop's on the floor or breaks in my hand..I'm off to do great things.
Happy Saturday to you.
Keep smiling, My

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well, like always it doesn't look like it worked!
When will I learn? Probably never!
I will ask Bonus Daughter to help and try next weeks challenge.
This was a fun card.
Off to bed, 2:30 am comes quick.
Have a fantastic Friday!
Always smile, My
Falling in Love

My first excited!
Challenge #179.
I've been looking at "The Paper Players" for over a year now.
This is my first stamp, it was given to me from Debra who was giving away some of her stamping supplies. I have lost her in my move.  She would be so excited for me at this moment.
I used my Copic pen #R27.
I stamped it on gray card stock.
I have used this stamp called "Cat Balloon" without the heart and put words instead

Monday, January 20, 2014

Crafting 101...explosion box

My daughter Princess P and I had this idea for her to ask her friend to the "Sadie's" dance with this unique way.
With help from You tube and a lot of retries it all came together!

Now that we all know his name, this dance will be at a party type bowling ally. She put glow stick in the box so when he open it up the whole theme came together.
She gave it to him at lunch with everyone around in their group that are all going watching. It went well and he said "Yes!". Because they are friends they already talked about it so, this was a surprise for him.  Then they also have 6th period together and one of his friends in that class started saying "hey, that's so cool"..not knowing that the girl who gave it to him was just a few seats  The teacher stood and looked at it and it wasn't told until the end of the class who gave it to him. The top of the box says "I have a question..."
High school...moments...priceless!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blogging Viewers

I love looking at others blog, we learn so much about them.
I see that you have been here too. I would love for you to leave
me a..."HI" or "I was here".  Maybe your favorite word or phrase.
My favorite word is "Hey" and my favorite phrase would have to be
"You're the best".
Can't wait to hear from you.
What was your favorite thing you saw?
Have a great night.
Until next time....

I love winter in California..see how my garden grows!

This cute frog says "HI" to everyone 
who comes to my front door....
lets count the people who come to my, the mail man and my wonderful
neighbor Sylvia and my great kids who 
I love and I'm the luckiest Mom on this
street. Oh yeah my bonus daughter she
comes around too!

 Its hard to believe I have roses in the month
of  January. I need to cut them back but...
the roses are still beautiful.

Bad picture..but, I'm excited about this plant. 
It was my mom's, the pot has all of my kids
hand prints on cute.
Just a few birthday cards for a really special person
January 10!

This one is so fun to make. 11 x 4 1/2, crease from top left corner to bottom right so its in side ways, then fold up.. then fold left side to right. Can you see from the next picture? Then it has a pocket so you can put a note or a gift card, see where the gift box is?? Found this on you tube.

This one was simple.

We all have made one like this.

I found this one on you tube also.
I used a circle punch, flower punch.
It folds down and you hook it to the cake
on the front.
I really need to work on this style of card
to really make it more special. I make the 
inside cuter then the outside.

Its a cute birthday card for someone who
has been in my life since day one.
Gotta love a special God Mother.

I used my cake punch. Used two different 
types of paper and its always a fun to see
what happen's.


A little something I got in the mail from my pen pal Dianne in Ohio.
Just something fun I started doing with ATC cards, my friend Ann
started this JAM (J=just A=add M=more), she made three cards that are 
2 1/2 X 3 1/2 and she put the paper that looks like water, put her
address label on the back and sent it to Ann in Ohio, Ann put the lady
with the phrase "Just when you think you have seen it try on 
your bathing suit!" and she sent it to me. SO..I now needed to finish it. I put sun glasses, sandals on the bottom and colored in her hair.
I think it looks cute.  Now I have one and I will send two of them back
to Ann and she will keep one and send one to Dianne.
It's really fun to do.

This turned out really cute!