Through Myra's Eyes

Monday, March 28, 2016

All about Sunday

Nothing say's Easter more than some PEEPS.
They aren't my favorite but, somehow it wouldn't be Easter without them. 
 I got flowers!
Now maybe I will be able to draw them...dream big.
Nothing says Sunday like some Starbucks for fun and giggles.
It didn't seem like any holiday in my part of this world.  People out shopping and those who didn't get what they wanted to drink went out and got it on their own!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Katarina Bivald International Bestseller

Spring Break!
So, what do I do?  Yep, go find this book at the library.
I follow a blog that, well they read way more then I do.  
After reading that they liked it, of course, I had to see if it was true.
It starts with these two being pen pals, one goes to met the other but, the other one dies before they get to met.  Now wouldn't that be my luck.

It's really windy here today.  I also made something new to eat with sweet potatoes..not bad
I also fixed this computer with help from someone I follow and chat with.  If it wasn't for Joey, I would be picture-less. Restart, sometimes I think we all need to do that!
Have a great windy day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Corn beef & Shamrocks

I always love to get a Shamrock plant.
They get a little stringy, but, the clovers always make me feel like luck will come soon to me!
Under this beautiful plant in my son Special K butterfly cage. 
Today was the day for one to come out and share it's new life with us.  It was exciting to see this beautiful, brown with yellow tip wing butterfly, to quietly become something Special K found in a tree, brought home and now...can's time to fly my friend!
At 9a.m. I put a corn beef in the slow cooker, by noon it was time to eat.
The smell filled this little house with hunger
I cut a few potatoes and carrots and a cup of water, it didn't take long before we had something yummy to eat.
I'm never sure what will happen in this old, heavy, brown pot that doesn't even belong to me..that's another story.
I put it in small bowls with some bread and like always, they eat quickly and off to the next thing to do in and working second shift!

Happy Irish Day to You!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

What time is it?

 It's time to change those clocks again.
Time to Spring ahead.
Who is in charge of that?
I guess it's me.
Yes, one hour ahead.
One less hour of sleep.
Does that one hour really make us go into a spin of crazy?
It doesn't hurt me.  I don't plan for things on this day.  I wake up when I want, eat whenever then, get up tomorrow with the feeling of...Oh it's Monday.  It will be a fresh start to more things to do before it gets dark.

Friday, March 11, 2016

All by myself

The one and only California Poppy living in my flower pot garden..happiness.
I have a few wonderful flower pots that I try to make flowers grow in, sometimes it happens and well,  in this case it gave me one beautiful flower.
I have always wanted California Poppies in my garden and now, I have one!
It's a start and a great adventure in the world of gardening.

Friday, March 4, 2016


 I love making cards with those amazing clovers.
This one started with the thought to only use the left side.
Well, I had to cover up a ink spot so, I put dot's all over..hahaha
I think it's still cute.
I started this one with cutting the card stock to small so, the card must go on.
It didn't turn out to badly.

I have a few new friends to send cards to here lately so, this has got my craft on.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Alcohol inks are fun

My friend Hannah pulled out her alcohol inks and made a really cute card.
I didn't have any of these so...I went out shopping with a coupon and look what I found.
I found them in packs of three bottles so, I didn't get to really pick all of my favorite colors.
These are a start. 
 I started with purple...who wouldn't!
I used a cotton ball and played.  
Then some Cranberry for a little fun.
I added some orange just because.
Then picked some words, and a flower to make it a card!
I went a little over the top with this one.
They were suppose to be flowers but, when they turned out looking like big circles I pulled out my sharpie markers and changed it up a little.
That just wasn't enough so I stamped it with my two new fun stamps.
This is what I do when I don't know what I'm really doing. 
This started out with drips and ended up with brown circles.
Let's remember, I don't know what I'm doing and it shows.
It ended up being a work of art..don't you think?
It's going in the mail to someone...someday.  Will it be you?

I had the best hour making a mess, you should try it.