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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Corn beef & Shamrocks

I always love to get a Shamrock plant.
They get a little stringy, but, the clovers always make me feel like luck will come soon to me!
Under this beautiful plant in my son Special K butterfly cage. 
Today was the day for one to come out and share it's new life with us.  It was exciting to see this beautiful, brown with yellow tip wing butterfly, to quietly become something Special K found in a tree, brought home and now...can's time to fly my friend!
At 9a.m. I put a corn beef in the slow cooker, by noon it was time to eat.
The smell filled this little house with hunger
I cut a few potatoes and carrots and a cup of water, it didn't take long before we had something yummy to eat.
I'm never sure what will happen in this old, heavy, brown pot that doesn't even belong to me..that's another story.
I put it in small bowls with some bread and like always, they eat quickly and off to the next thing to do in and working second shift!

Happy Irish Day to You!

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