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Sunday, June 29, 2014

One sentence #8

I can waste more time in a day thinking about things I should be doing.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

One sentence #7

When life gives you extra, take it and be proud for the endless happiness together.

Blog Update

Hi everyone, this is Bonus Daughter here. If you've been wondering why you haven't been able to follow this blog, this beautiful, amazing, and gorgeously composed blog... Well, let me be the one to tell you that NOW YOU CAN. As per my update. Please go check it out and being your following of Miss Myra's blog.  :)

She will be forever grateful if you take a look. This will give her the opportunity to meet you all!

Love from, 
the one and only...
Bonus Daughter! <3

Friday, June 27, 2014

Another year brighter!

It was a good day...another year brighter for me.
My new big number in my life.
This is on my table and I thought I had taken a picture of all the things I had put together to show it was my day.  I put three pictures of me as a little girl, a candle that is a cup cake and the other cards I received.
I found a piece of material with the "Kings" logo on it so I made it into a table cover.
This is the cake my friend next door made me because she is the best neighbor a girl can have.  She made it knowing my daughter is gone on vacation and the boys couldn't do 
This cake was yummy.  She made a white cake then poked holes and put jello on it so the jello was in the cake, so good.
She wanted me to take it to work but, I wanted it for us and I got to have it at her house on the table I love to eat at. She has this amazing big table that makes you feel like home.

I had a pretty good day. The ppl at work didn't remember it was my birthday so it was just another day. Then today I went in and my friend brought me a red velvet cake, so yummy.  Then some of them asked why I didn't say anything yesterday, right like I'm going to say "Hey, say happy birthday to me".

My one sentence for yesterday should be...
 Continue to good for others even when they fail you.

Today's one sentence should be...
My company is giving me a bonus at the end of the year, something to be grateful for.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One sentence #3

Looks like my birthday will not be a celebration at work unless I make the cake.

Some days are better then others. I can say I had one of those days. It's always a good day when work has some laughs and coming home with a mission to make it clean is possible.
I need to work on making a paper craft this week. I have a little album I really want to work on and then do something fun with the paper my friend Marixa gave me.
Have a great Wednesday, see you tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2014

One sentence #2

My table partners at work helped me with this One sentence per day journaling.

   Looks purple taste like grape must be grape gum.

We had the best time with the purple gum today, I just didn't think it was grape.
See you tomorrow.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Going to try this...One sentence per day journaling...Can I do it??

I was looking at a few well, you know me, more than a few blogs this weekend.  I came upon a blog where this female (girl, lady, women) started this journal called.."one sentence per day journaling". I'm not sure how I can write just one sentence.  When I get started I can't stop at one of anything, that is the start of how I have more lbs. then I want, a longer to do list then anyone I know, but when I started having kids I am so glad that I didn't stop at one I love having a even number!
I'm not sure what I am suppose to write. I guess its what has happened in the whole day.

So today's "one sentence" should be...
    Today is the first day of my journey!

I have so many things I want to do in the next 52 weeks.
I am going to try and lose one lb. a week for the next 52 weeks.
I am going to try to write one sentence in a new book for the next 52 weeks.
I am going to learn how to do 1 new thing every week for the next 52 weeks.
Do you see this theme here? Yes, I have 52 weeks to be 52 years old so I am going to make 52 changes.
There are 52 cards in a deck, 52 weeks in a year and 52 candles on my birthday cake to wish for something that is a secret.

I hope you will be here to help me become a new type of writer, I might need some help. To say few words will be a challenge.
Have a great week!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Went to visit my favorite drink

It was a happy Friday, as I got off work, (with no over time & knowing my house would be empty) I decided to stop by and have happy hour with Ronald Mc D. Gotta love drive thru!!
I asked for katsup and ate those fries so fast I didn't use
These drinks are so good.  But, I didn't have anyone to share the second one with so I put it in the freezer. From 2-5 p.m. they are buy one get one free, so who wouldn't pass that up.
Love this box.
It has something to do with the soccer match that is going on.  I honestly couldn't tell you much about the game but the guy's at work could.
Love the color and the art work.
Now it makes me wonder if they have different ones because the box says 3/12.
Maybe I need to go find out then my question will be answered and I can get a few more fries in

It's Saturday and I didn't have to work, thats a wow.  So I am going to get a few extra things done and get my Sunday things done so tomorrow I can do what I want.  Uhm, what will that be???
SO happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend. Next week will be a great me on that...
Smile your best smile..My

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm so excited!!

Look what I can grow, I'm so excited!
I moved this away from the mail box so the odd man next door wouldn't spray it with weed killer....neighbors are so least the other side has good ppl.
There is two stalks so maybe next year one of them will come back. 
The color is so beautiful, looks like I live on an island not just sunny So Cal.
Now if I could just figure out how to color one of these from my stamp I would really feel like an

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Goal set, happiness!

 Some ppl are so creative.
This is a money necklace some one had around her neck at my daughters graduation.
I really want to figure out how she did this, it is so pretty.
This was amazing. A dozen flowers with $10 bills as leaves.  Would also love to figure out how they did this, so pretty.
The happy graduate, waiting for the choir teacher to correctly say her name.  Because brother had this teacher she said it
I missed getting Princess P little dance move in pictures.  She was just so excited to know she was now out of high school...I can't blame her for that. 
Found her in the crowd of  'green' and I think she did this cute look, knowing I was taking pictures.  Even thou I was far away but, the camera did a good job.
Look's like she is sitting in the boys section. 
Happy happy girl! Diploma in hand now.
What a great moment.
I look at this picture and wonder if she will go to any of the class reunions. 
Cute picture of  "Sister's"
Love the balloons in the back..perfect. 
It's my family all together.  Love these kids, couldn't walk through life without them.  They make me feel like I have done something good in life.
Four of us graduated from this school and the other from a school in the area of our home we grew up in. Five graduates in one picture, my mother would be so proud.
My God Mother and her son came out from MN to be with us on this great day.
The sun was out and the feeling of family was with us, couldn't have asked for a better day for Princess P the celebrate an amazing 13 years of school.
Her second day of school was Sept. 11, 2001, a day every American can remember where they were and what had happen to New York in just a few minutes.  Our country was forever changed and there are still troop out keeping us safe from those who destroyed so many families that day.
I hope Princess P will find college to be fun and everything she does from this month on brings her the best happiness a girl should have in her life time.
She has the biggest heart and she deserves to have a life full of good luck and happy memories for all the days of her life.

I look at the picture and with every smile is a story.
The daughter I miss and so happy she came. I wish she could have had all of her dreams come true.
Me who looks sad but, smiles to hold in the fact that my kids are about to be off on their own.
A happy girl who has wanted to be out of school for the last two years now and I struggled to make her happy.
A wonderful god mother who has been on my side since I was born.
My son who two days before was in a major car accident and his body was still sore from it but smiled for his sisters happiness and was feeling tough emotions from the fact his baby sister wasn't a baby anymore.
A man who is better then a brother to me, who loves my kids like they are his own..couldn't ask for any person better then him in our lives. I just wish his health was better.
A son who took the day off  from work to be with his sister and two days later, to get laid off from that job.
I've never had enough money to give them everything but, I have giving them a gift of love and I will forever be the ear for listening, a shoulder to cry on and arms to hold them when they need it most.
I hope my smile shines on through them and for all of them to know they are the every reason why I am who I am today.
Happy graduation Princess P.  A day to remember June 11,2014.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A little Hi & Miss you

This turned out cute.
I'm going to send it to my friend in KY.
I made this with my box of gotta keep that piece of paper, just in case, we all have that box. 
I used my new clear stamps from ki.
I always love making a bunch of flowers together, this stamp works really good.  I'm going to make some and cut them out to make a little different look.

This would make a cute card by it's self. I just needed to make the inside look cute. So many ways to use one little stamp.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June 2014

Happy month of June!

      JUNE.......has so much to offer.

Well, this month is always a good month to remember what I have and haven't done in 365 days. But, also a happy month for those who are graduating from school.  It's always hard to believe that 34 yrs. ago I walked out of high school with a smile on my face said good bye to all of those who I knew I would never see again and made a choice to never look back at all those who didn't care and will continue to not care or do the things I wanted to do in my life.
This week there is a man who is now in the Los Angeles area leaving envelopes of money in different places for those to find and do a "Random Act of Kindness". I work in that area so I went outside the front door of work and looked at the bus stop, I didn't find anything but it was worth the look. I had said to one of the guys, do you Twitter? his reply was no why? So I explained about this man. This kid had to google the words random act of kindness.  He said what it ment out loud in the break room and the others that were sitting there acted like it wasn't something on their list to do in life.  Something I found with the people I went to high school with.
I think this man who is doing this and making people go crazy looking for this has a great mission, to make those who do nothing for others read his notes and maybe find it in themselves to help just one person in this world.  Something that I have quietly done for many years and it has always made me smile.  I have also shown my kids how this is a easy life lesson, do for others and good will come to you.
My daughter graduates in a few heart is full of happiness for her. So many things I wanted to do for her in these 13 years and haven't completed all of them. Her second day of school was 9/11.. and she has made it into high school without writing a report about it.  Things have touched our lives but, together we have made it all work out with tears and smiles.  I hope her journey in life will be easier then the one I paved for myself. 
This month has "D Day", a time to remember those who have lost their lives to make ours better.
Also we have Fathers Day.  To remember a Dad who held my hand till the day he died and laugh out loud when ever possible.
Then there is those birthday candles to blow out and make another wish that doesn't ever come true.  This isn't Disneyland this is life.
With 30 days to improve ones self, I am off and running to make the month of June a good month.
Whats on your wish list for this month?  Let's think of something good to do!
I wish you a great month and lets do things and go places and met up here to share them.
Until next time...Smile, it's working for you....My