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Friday, June 27, 2014

Another year brighter!

It was a good day...another year brighter for me.
My new big number in my life.
This is on my table and I thought I had taken a picture of all the things I had put together to show it was my day.  I put three pictures of me as a little girl, a candle that is a cup cake and the other cards I received.
I found a piece of material with the "Kings" logo on it so I made it into a table cover.
This is the cake my friend next door made me because she is the best neighbor a girl can have.  She made it knowing my daughter is gone on vacation and the boys couldn't do 
This cake was yummy.  She made a white cake then poked holes and put jello on it so the jello was in the cake, so good.
She wanted me to take it to work but, I wanted it for us and I got to have it at her house on the table I love to eat at. She has this amazing big table that makes you feel like home.

I had a pretty good day. The ppl at work didn't remember it was my birthday so it was just another day. Then today I went in and my friend brought me a red velvet cake, so yummy.  Then some of them asked why I didn't say anything yesterday, right like I'm going to say "Hey, say happy birthday to me".

My one sentence for yesterday should be...
 Continue to good for others even when they fail you.

Today's one sentence should be...
My company is giving me a bonus at the end of the year, something to be grateful for.

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