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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June 2014

Happy month of June!

      JUNE.......has so much to offer.

Well, this month is always a good month to remember what I have and haven't done in 365 days. But, also a happy month for those who are graduating from school.  It's always hard to believe that 34 yrs. ago I walked out of high school with a smile on my face said good bye to all of those who I knew I would never see again and made a choice to never look back at all those who didn't care and will continue to not care or do the things I wanted to do in my life.
This week there is a man who is now in the Los Angeles area leaving envelopes of money in different places for those to find and do a "Random Act of Kindness". I work in that area so I went outside the front door of work and looked at the bus stop, I didn't find anything but it was worth the look. I had said to one of the guys, do you Twitter? his reply was no why? So I explained about this man. This kid had to google the words random act of kindness.  He said what it ment out loud in the break room and the others that were sitting there acted like it wasn't something on their list to do in life.  Something I found with the people I went to high school with.
I think this man who is doing this and making people go crazy looking for this has a great mission, to make those who do nothing for others read his notes and maybe find it in themselves to help just one person in this world.  Something that I have quietly done for many years and it has always made me smile.  I have also shown my kids how this is a easy life lesson, do for others and good will come to you.
My daughter graduates in a few heart is full of happiness for her. So many things I wanted to do for her in these 13 years and haven't completed all of them. Her second day of school was 9/11.. and she has made it into high school without writing a report about it.  Things have touched our lives but, together we have made it all work out with tears and smiles.  I hope her journey in life will be easier then the one I paved for myself. 
This month has "D Day", a time to remember those who have lost their lives to make ours better.
Also we have Fathers Day.  To remember a Dad who held my hand till the day he died and laugh out loud when ever possible.
Then there is those birthday candles to blow out and make another wish that doesn't ever come true.  This isn't Disneyland this is life.
With 30 days to improve ones self, I am off and running to make the month of June a good month.
Whats on your wish list for this month?  Let's think of something good to do!
I wish you a great month and lets do things and go places and met up here to share them.
Until next time...Smile, it's working for you....My

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