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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Goal set, happiness!

 Some ppl are so creative.
This is a money necklace some one had around her neck at my daughters graduation.
I really want to figure out how she did this, it is so pretty.
This was amazing. A dozen flowers with $10 bills as leaves.  Would also love to figure out how they did this, so pretty.
The happy graduate, waiting for the choir teacher to correctly say her name.  Because brother had this teacher she said it
I missed getting Princess P little dance move in pictures.  She was just so excited to know she was now out of high school...I can't blame her for that. 
Found her in the crowd of  'green' and I think she did this cute look, knowing I was taking pictures.  Even thou I was far away but, the camera did a good job.
Look's like she is sitting in the boys section. 
Happy happy girl! Diploma in hand now.
What a great moment.
I look at this picture and wonder if she will go to any of the class reunions. 
Cute picture of  "Sister's"
Love the balloons in the back..perfect. 
It's my family all together.  Love these kids, couldn't walk through life without them.  They make me feel like I have done something good in life.
Four of us graduated from this school and the other from a school in the area of our home we grew up in. Five graduates in one picture, my mother would be so proud.
My God Mother and her son came out from MN to be with us on this great day.
The sun was out and the feeling of family was with us, couldn't have asked for a better day for Princess P the celebrate an amazing 13 years of school.
Her second day of school was Sept. 11, 2001, a day every American can remember where they were and what had happen to New York in just a few minutes.  Our country was forever changed and there are still troop out keeping us safe from those who destroyed so many families that day.
I hope Princess P will find college to be fun and everything she does from this month on brings her the best happiness a girl should have in her life time.
She has the biggest heart and she deserves to have a life full of good luck and happy memories for all the days of her life.

I look at the picture and with every smile is a story.
The daughter I miss and so happy she came. I wish she could have had all of her dreams come true.
Me who looks sad but, smiles to hold in the fact that my kids are about to be off on their own.
A happy girl who has wanted to be out of school for the last two years now and I struggled to make her happy.
A wonderful god mother who has been on my side since I was born.
My son who two days before was in a major car accident and his body was still sore from it but smiled for his sisters happiness and was feeling tough emotions from the fact his baby sister wasn't a baby anymore.
A man who is better then a brother to me, who loves my kids like they are his own..couldn't ask for any person better then him in our lives. I just wish his health was better.
A son who took the day off  from work to be with his sister and two days later, to get laid off from that job.
I've never had enough money to give them everything but, I have giving them a gift of love and I will forever be the ear for listening, a shoulder to cry on and arms to hold them when they need it most.
I hope my smile shines on through them and for all of them to know they are the every reason why I am who I am today.
Happy graduation Princess P.  A day to remember June 11,2014.

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