Through Myra's Eyes

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A few of my Photo a day pictures!

12/30: US
I love tripping over my kids!
The heart in the middle is for my daughter who doesn't live with us. 
12/29: I need less of this..
Words with friends!  I am so bad at this game but I have the best time playing with my friend Robert, we have been friends since we were in high school.  I dated he's friend and we decided to remain friends.
I had alot of "likes" on this one with my photo group, and now I have two new friends to play this game excited! 
 12/28: Book
These are year books. My Dad's is open, from 1940 he is the guy top my Daddy..can you tell I was a "Daddy's" girl!!
The one on the left is my daughter's from this year the school celebrated 50 years! Go Irish.
My book is on the bottom..same school like three of my kids.
The blue on is my oldest son, he graduated from another high school and was a track proud!
This is at the food store as you walk in. It's made of Spirte and Coke 12 pks. They make one every them 
12/24: Color
My daughter has a few artist in her life and they made me a calender and this is the month of rainbows! 
12/25: Celebration
My daughter Princess P made this for her sister Queenie..Love the sister love!
This has to be the best event that happen in 2014. 
This is a sea gull..not a nice bird at all but fun to watch fly!
They make their homes by water. 
12/21: This is interesting
I found this in Vegas, love the color and those eyes are amazing! 
12/22: Tis the season..
Look carefully at this..its a cake! Found it in Vegas..there were more amazing cakes that I would love to learn how to make, and the candy was the same.

I have had the best time learning how to use this red camera of mine. These pictures are just a few of my happiness. I really need to get the dvd out to learn how to really work this camera.
The next pictures are Jan.1..SKY  Jan.2..Something yellow  Jan today..Jan 4..I hear.
We might have rain on the first so it might be a little black and white. I cant wait for the 4, up on the corner is a clock that I hear on the hour so I can't wait to share that picture..I will get my walk in and my picture..score!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Martha White's Pumpkin Spice muffin mix...yummy

Yumm Yumm...This was something I found on a displace for the holiday baking.
Its really good, it has a mild spice taste that isn't to strong.
I'm going to have to see if it's something the store will keep around.
It only took 3/4 cup of milk and I didn't make it into muffins so it took a few extra minutes to bake.
It's a keeper!

I'm off for another week and getting some much needed sleep along with getting things done around here.
I love having a clean house with enough time to cook something good and then clean up my mess.
The kids and I played a new game and somehow I won three times in a row and they didn't want me to play any more.  Funny how now that they are older I get to try and win now.  They don't seem to like
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Love this tree made from Sprite & Coke 12 packs at the food store.  When I first saw this I knew I needed to take a picture.
So I said to Princess P that I need to go to the store. When all I did was take a picture she said "We only came here to do that?"
Yes that is all, disappointment filled her whole space..hahahaha.
 I made these cards and like me, haven't sent them.  Just to busy with 12 hr. days at work.
So I gave one to my friend next door and one I will send to Madison, she is the reason why I made them.
I got a napkin,put embossing ink on it then dusted it with clear embossing powder, heat it, then inked it again and dusted it with sparkle embossing powder and heated it. Forgot I double face taped it on a piece of card stock first.  I like it but, it was a bit messy.
My little tree, it's on a end table so it looks
We had a small xmas but nice. We had breakfast with our friends next door, we kindda made them family since I only have my kids and their kids do come out to see them alot but this day they were staying close to home and will be around Saturday.So we invaded their home, they love us!

I am trying to do a Photo a day..every day there is a theme, I have done pretty good.  I also joined a group on Facebook, they are so amazing.  The best part they put "like" on my photo's and it makes me feel so good! I am learning so much about taking pictures from them, it has really opened up my eyes to what to look for and remember what is on the list for days to come to have better ideas...did that make any sense??
I'm so glad this day is over, not my favorite holiday. In six months I will need to have a few things done..lets hope for the best!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I got Christmas cards..time for me to make some

Teal and Gold
My friend Madison made this for me.  She asked what color's I would like and look how beautiful it turned out.
She is amazing! I really miss writing to her, we have the best laughs.  Now I owe her one that is green, that's what she asked for.  It's kinda a game. 
I love this one, it stands up.  Its from my friend Diane.  She has a card group and make beautiful cards.
I owe her a really nice card.  Even when I don't have time to make a card she still sends me one almost every month, now thats a friend.

Both cards are winners.  I'm so lucky to have friends like these two.  Both of them have been my pen pal's since 2007.  Hard to believe how a section in a magazine called "pen pal's" can help me find fun friends and learn alot from all of them.

I have worked 11 days in a row again and this week I have worked 12 hour days starting at 3 am.  It's been hard but I have a new table partner who keeps me laughing, so its all worth it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Did you enter day 2 of Oprah's give-o-way?

Another year of Oprah's 12 day give-o-way!
She is giving away a really nice picture frame.  Its from Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art, starting at $42.  I'm going to try and make my own since it will take a miracle for me to win this contest.  She is also giving away some really nice ballpoint pens, they are $36 by katespade.  This is all on page 64 of her Dec. 2014 issue.
There is also a Electra bike, so cool.  I have one that is purple and I don't get on it, so what would I do with a new one? I would love to get the stoneware. These gifts are on page 68.

I always love to read "The Question" (page 20). This month she asked, what's the most special gift you've ever received?
Like always I would say "my kids", don't know what life would be like not being a mom, I always wanted it and was lucky enough to have four of the most amazing kids, I'm very lucky!! Would a trophy be a gift?  In 1982 I ran for my city Miss LaPalma pageant, it was a lot of fun and I learned a dance with the other girls, recited a speech telling my parent how thankful I was that I had them in my life and how much fun I always had playing golf with my dad, I wore a purple dress for the evening gown part (that was my favorite part). In the end I didn't win but had a fun time and got a trophy that I was so proud to receive. 
Maybe I should say my special gift would be to be strong inside and know how to keep my head up in good times and in hard. The small things in life are always the best gifts ever, nail polish and sun glasses are also a great
Every time I get into the shower I think of that as a gift to my self.
I read somewhere that you should give yourself a gift daily. It could be to have a clean house or taking time to put on your make up. 
What would your gift be to yourself today??  
Mine will be to get to bed early.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Where did we go for Thanksgiving weekend..LV

We made it a fun short vacation!
This is a famous street with lots to do.

Can you tell where we stayed?
We had the best room with a view of the new ride called "High Roller".
We walked around the outside of here and saw koi fish that were so big.
A Micheal Jackson slot.
We lost a few dollar's but so fun.
This is her favorite guy..yes she knows hes dead. 
We saw the outside show of a lights and water.
It was really beautiful.  
The whole area is ready for Xmas. 
This is at the "Aria", a place we said we should stay at next time.