Through Myra's Eyes

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grande Frap

Let's make it a Grande day!!
Made this for..The Paper Players Challenge.
It's all made from cutting out the cup holder! 
I feel like the recycle queen here. 
I love how this turned out. 
Notice the straw holder that say's its not for hot
Used my "yellow" Stickles for the outline of the trade mark. I flipped the holder over to use it as the card board look. Put a boarder sticker on to give it a little gold shine. 
I got my gold ink pad and went around the whole card to give it a rich and happy look.
Nothing says happy like a cup of Starbucks, at anytime of the day.
This is my bad will I lose lbs. when the drive- thru at Starbucks calls my name! I also like to sit in the lobby, the smell and the cup's that are a must have.  Its so funny how I keep my plastic ones from my Passion Tea and reuse them from what I make at home and everyone thinks I stopped by the
This is all I used.
I can't say it took ten minutes because I played with it so much.  The cutting was nothing, the straw wrapper was my daughters idea.  No special tools needed here.
I think I will get a gift card and send this to a friend. If you want one let me

Happy Stampin' & Starbucks drinking!
Hugs, My

I have a new FRIEND

So excited about my new envelope punch board.  I can make some really fun things other than envelopes with this.
I found this on (of course) You Tube, I can make flowers and boxes of all sizes. I found one that I can make a box to put a candy bar in..can't wait to make one of those.  so many idea's for a party.
Found this at Michael's for $19.99 not bad. A few recycle bottles and cans from work and I got it. SO amazing how I take recycle from work and nobody ever ask what I do with the money. This is what I did with it this time.  I usually buy soap and air freshener for the bathroom at work and does anyone notice..of course not.  That's ok.

Shirts for the Dance

Every dance has a theme. So they made theirs look like a super hero with the word Sadies in the middle. They used neon colors and I think they turned out perfect.
They have the best friendship..just wish the world could be this happy too!
They had a great time!
This dance was at the bowling ally called "300".
She won the first game and he won the second game..he was nice the first game but knew he had to win once..hahhaa
They danced, ate and they had a few spilled cups of water on the table...they were like me, always spilling a drink!
Then everyone ended up at In N Out Burger close to school. I think they had as much fun there as they did at the dance.
Mr. E has never been to a dance so now he has next year to find another friend to go have this much fun with. 
Good Luck Mr. E on your track meet.  Go Irish!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Stories paper made with Love

Found this on you tube. I made it with Simple Stories paper. 
This is open and where the flowers are at I need to put white paper to write a note.
This is closed. Not sure who I will send it too.
It would be easier to fold if the paper was thinner.
Next project with the same paper.
Can't tell with this picture but you can put something in the pockets on both sides.
I made the flower with my scallop punch.
Here they sit together.
They were both easy to make. 
Next time I will remember who made these on You Tube.

This was fun.
Until next time..
Happy Crafting, My!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

6 hundred fifty three

This is so amazing to me.
I have 653 pp who have taken the time to come read a little part of my world.
I want to say Thank You!
I hope you will find something to make with what I have done too.  Let me know what you make or where you have found it and together we can craft and share.
There are so many crafty ppl out there and I would love to find other blogs and challenge blog to try. If you have a fun one please let me know.
You can leave me a note, I think I have turned off the button that makes it ez to comment now.
Have a great weekend...I have Monday off so excited.
Hugs, My

So LOVED on Feb. 14th, 2014

My son "Special K" surprised me with this! I'm the lucky Mom. 
This is a mini rose bush that I said I wanted when I saw them in the store, all three of my favorite candy and a special note with my favorite expression!
I found this on the table at 3am when I was out the door for work. 
 I love how he made a heart on the candy with the pen he use's at work. 
This is when you know he will be a great husband some day!!
 Princess P takes care of the dogs next door and this is what they gave her.  She was so excited!
We have never lived next to ppl that we have became close to until now.  WE are so lucky.  They share there dogs with us, we share food and lots of laughter days and days together. 
I have a friend at work who makes me laugh more times in a day then anyone else in this building. He's my go to guy for a silly moment. Every day at 8:30 I have lunch (should be called breakfast), I listen to a radio station here in L.A. called 95.5 KLOS with Heidi & Frank.  They talked about the silliest things. So, everyday we have a few min's laughing about the topic, we also get his table partner laughing.
Everyone needs a friend like him! I will call him......Mr Spain
My Valentines loved!! 
My glad I have kids..they are my world.
All those years of everyone telling me I spoil my kids to much...oooh well this is what I get for all these years of doing it my way!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy "LOVE" Week

Roses made from Hershey Kisses.
At first I thought they looked like light
I think if I try a different type of leaf, they might stand out better. 
First try..not to bad. Not sure I will make a dozen.
I really like these candy holders. Someone called them sour cream holders...I guess that's what you get from fast food.
I put my favorite candy in them, I also have some lollies that I have noticed the team at work seem to have often. Thinking about handing these out at work. The team I call the "Sorority Sister's" might think they are cute...but then again we know how those sisters can

Happy Valentine's Day my new world of friends!