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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shirts for the Dance

Every dance has a theme. So they made theirs look like a super hero with the word Sadies in the middle. They used neon colors and I think they turned out perfect.
They have the best friendship..just wish the world could be this happy too!
They had a great time!
This dance was at the bowling ally called "300".
She won the first game and he won the second game..he was nice the first game but knew he had to win once..hahhaa
They danced, ate and they had a few spilled cups of water on the table...they were like me, always spilling a drink!
Then everyone ended up at In N Out Burger close to school. I think they had as much fun there as they did at the dance.
Mr. E has never been to a dance so now he has next year to find another friend to go have this much fun with. 
Good Luck Mr. E on your track meet.  Go Irish!

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