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Saturday, February 15, 2014

So LOVED on Feb. 14th, 2014

My son "Special K" surprised me with this! I'm the lucky Mom. 
This is a mini rose bush that I said I wanted when I saw them in the store, all three of my favorite candy and a special note with my favorite expression!
I found this on the table at 3am when I was out the door for work. 
 I love how he made a heart on the candy with the pen he use's at work. 
This is when you know he will be a great husband some day!!
 Princess P takes care of the dogs next door and this is what they gave her.  She was so excited!
We have never lived next to ppl that we have became close to until now.  WE are so lucky.  They share there dogs with us, we share food and lots of laughter days and days together. 
I have a friend at work who makes me laugh more times in a day then anyone else in this building. He's my go to guy for a silly moment. Every day at 8:30 I have lunch (should be called breakfast), I listen to a radio station here in L.A. called 95.5 KLOS with Heidi & Frank.  They talked about the silliest things. So, everyday we have a few min's laughing about the topic, we also get his table partner laughing.
Everyone needs a friend like him! I will call him......Mr Spain
My Valentines loved!! 
My glad I have kids..they are my world.
All those years of everyone telling me I spoil my kids to much...oooh well this is what I get for all these years of doing it my way!!

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  1. Looks like they learned how to spoil you! Good job, and Happy Valentine's Day!