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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Went to visit my favorite drink

It was a happy Friday, as I got off work, (with no over time & knowing my house would be empty) I decided to stop by and have happy hour with Ronald Mc D. Gotta love drive thru!!
I asked for katsup and ate those fries so fast I didn't use
These drinks are so good.  But, I didn't have anyone to share the second one with so I put it in the freezer. From 2-5 p.m. they are buy one get one free, so who wouldn't pass that up.
Love this box.
It has something to do with the soccer match that is going on.  I honestly couldn't tell you much about the game but the guy's at work could.
Love the color and the art work.
Now it makes me wonder if they have different ones because the box says 3/12.
Maybe I need to go find out then my question will be answered and I can get a few more fries in

It's Saturday and I didn't have to work, thats a wow.  So I am going to get a few extra things done and get my Sunday things done so tomorrow I can do what I want.  Uhm, what will that be???
SO happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend. Next week will be a great me on that...
Smile your best smile..My

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