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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just a few birthday cards for a really special person
January 10!

This one is so fun to make. 11 x 4 1/2, crease from top left corner to bottom right so its in side ways, then fold up.. then fold left side to right. Can you see from the next picture? Then it has a pocket so you can put a note or a gift card, see where the gift box is?? Found this on you tube.

This one was simple.

We all have made one like this.

I found this one on you tube also.
I used a circle punch, flower punch.
It folds down and you hook it to the cake
on the front.
I really need to work on this style of card
to really make it more special. I make the 
inside cuter then the outside.

Its a cute birthday card for someone who
has been in my life since day one.
Gotta love a special God Mother.

I used my cake punch. Used two different 
types of paper and its always a fun to see
what happen's.

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