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Monday, January 20, 2014

Crafting 101...explosion box

My daughter Princess P and I had this idea for her to ask her friend to the "Sadie's" dance with this unique way.
With help from You tube and a lot of retries it all came together!

Now that we all know his name, this dance will be at a party type bowling ally. She put glow stick in the box so when he open it up the whole theme came together.
She gave it to him at lunch with everyone around in their group that are all going watching. It went well and he said "Yes!". Because they are friends they already talked about it so, this was a surprise for him.  Then they also have 6th period together and one of his friends in that class started saying "hey, that's so cool"..not knowing that the girl who gave it to him was just a few seats  The teacher stood and looked at it and it wasn't told until the end of the class who gave it to him. The top of the box says "I have a question..."
High school...moments...priceless!!!

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