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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Shopping list or Their Party?

I love to read other peoples shopping list. It's always fun reading to me.
When I found this on the ground I looked at it, then noticed it was on nice paper so I had to pick it up.
I think the "cigerettes" at the bottom really made me stop and think, was it added later by someone other then the shopper?
Then to find it was someones wedding party the day
I guess you would call it recycle?
This party was a lot of miles away from where I found it.
Its next to the town where the Rose Parade is every New Years Day here in Ca.
This made me think of so many things,
Did these people go to this party?
Do they throw out everything? Nothing is worth keeping in their home.
I wonder how the bride would feel to find out that all her hard work with deciding about this invitation, has now ended up in the parking lot of Walmart Neighborhood Market, as a food list!
Annamarie, these were very pretty invites, I hope your marriage last longer then this shopping list. I hope your friends also stop smoking.

I hope all is good with you and this helps you look at your shopping list in a whole different way!
Theodore and Annamarie, happy life together.

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