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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Time Warner is to SLOW

Some how my internet doesn't want you to see my photo's.

Time Warner is to slow right now. I've gone into the store in Garden Grove, Ca where they must have picked the dumbest of the litter to work at this location. The chick at the end of the counter is loud and very useless, the lady who can't see out of her glasses needs to get a better eye doctor, the guy who wants to be a women wants so hard to be helpful but, the stupid level in that building causes him to stay in his own state of uselessness.

Who knows how long I will continue to give them $80.00 a month for fast I'm showing how stupid I am.

Maybe the heat has gotten to the wires like it has gotten to me.

I will be back when life is faster.

I miss you all.

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