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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Three cards in my mail box...27 sent!

 I have received Three Christmas cards.  That's really good for my mail box.
The front one was made by one of my long time pen pals.  She always makes the best cards.
The one in the back is from my bonus daughter..everyone needs one like her, she's the best!
The envelope is from a Jean, she has a blog called Pushing the Envelope..she is amazing.  She wrote she didn't know who would want this envelope so I said I would love it and YES! I got excited.
These are my cards that I sent out.
The one in front is a stamp I got carried away with. So I sent it to one of my friends who stops by this blog to see what I'm up too.
The envelopes in the back have a snowman on them.  I must say I had a lot of fun coloring them in.

Today is my son Drew's 22 birthday.  I made a chocolate cake for him, who knows if he will be around.  The two who I live with said why bother?  Well, that is who I am, I bother with things like birthday cakes.  SO if he doesn't show up I will eat some of it and out in the trash it will go.
Have a great December 19 to you.

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