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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today on the VIEW..YOU can WIN a Louis

I was watching the VIEW this morning, you know that fun show that the women talk about everything.  They  said to like them on "facebook" and you could have a chance to win a bag.
So like a good viewer, I, went and liked them. 
Do you think there are many women who take photos during window shopping of the Louis Vuitton store?
Well, I do. Because I have said for so many years that before I die I would like to have just one bag from this store.
Since my middle name is Louise that is close to Louis. I could see myself carrying one of these fine bags.
If I am not the winner of a beautiful bag the women of the View are giving away, I will still dream and save my money and buy one myself. But, a gift or free is always good.
I can always dream.

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