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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Water & Color equals FUN

Remember those days when you saw someones art and you thought, I can do that!
I follow this blog, Jodi does so many things I know I can try to copy some of it but, I haven't had the time due to that thing called a job.
Now I know I failed in that art class I took a long time ago. But, water color looks like something that is fun and with a lot of thought, maybe I could do this.
I will just copy Jodi.
It's Sunday morning, what else do I do when everyone is sleeping...I play!
I got two cups of water, I figured I would mess up one quickly.
Picked a brush, that took some thought. Dipped it into the water and off I went into my new adventure of water color.
The girl at the art store said just play with color's first and drag the brush to see what you come up with. SO that is what I did at the top left.
It's so funny, no matter how old I get I still go for my safe place of flowers, balloons, my name and then I made this fat bird.
Why this fat bird..yes, Jodi made one and I thought, I can copy that.
Not as good as her's but, its my first try at this so I'm pretty happy with it.
It has a personality and I love that eye. A girl has got to have lashes!
That's Sunday.
I'm still good at making balloons.
There's a blog where they paint a bird on the 8th of every month..Looks like I did it!
I just might make this bird into a card.
My far away friend will laugh when she gets it.

Now it's your turn to try something new.  I spent almost $20, it didn't make me fat, it wasn't a loss, it made me sit and think that is for sure.  I'm happy with the end product and that is all that matters.
Thank you Jodi for helping me start something new. It made my day.

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