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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Never give up on a house plant

Look what I found on that corner table...surprise!  Never give up on getting that green thumb to work, it's possible.
I was saying last week as I was cleaning, that this plant should be blooming.  I guess I hurt its feelings so it did something.
I know I get excited about the small stuff but, I love the pot I put it in and then I brought it in the house to give that table something more then an empty drinking glass.  You know who I live with!

That whole table next to the favorite chair..gets the most abuse.  Sad but true.  I put that table there to put some personality into this small living space and well, now it has brought me smiles after all. 
Never give up on getting a smile when you least expect it.  
Keep smiling, I just wanna cry today but, head up high, I will get through this, life has been worse and I made it through that disaster.  I'm not sure what I will be calling this one.  I guess when you hurt your parents feelings, your kids pay you back with the same pain.
I should have listen to my mother when I thought she was just talking out of hate.  She was right a lot of the times.
Have a great weekend and I hope you remembered to go do some Small Business Shopping.

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